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Semi-Open Deck and Terrace Promote Outdoor Living at Ark in Kharkiv

Bringing refined contemporary aesthetics and relaxed modern living to a predominantly rural landscape, Ark in Kharkiv, Ukraine is all about enjoying the outdoors in a sheltered fashion. Nestled on one of the five Kharkiv hills, the dashing contemporary residence is covered in a series of wooden slats and blinds that filter in natural sunlight, even while offering complete privacy. The unique design of the house, organization of various rooms and the natural 3-meter slope of the lot on which it sits ensures that the entrance, utility rooms ad garage are placed on a level that is inherently lower that the living quarters, bedrooms and the beautiful terrace.

Contemporary Ark by Oleg Drozdov in Ukraine

Designed by Oleg Drozdov, the house is broadly divided into three individual units, with each one having its own series of balconies and private terraces that melt into the common social zone at the heart of it all. The central living zone flows into the semi-open terrace and pool area that overlooks the generous garden outside. This ingeniously crafted terrace allows the homeowners to enjoy ‘outdoor living’ throughout the year and allows the adults in the house to keep an eye on the kids as they spend time in the garden.

Timber slats that shape the facade also filter in natural light

Stunning contemporary home in Ukraine with lovely views and sleek design

Pool deck and sitting zone connected with the outdoors visually

Semi-open deck of a terrace with a swimming pool, play area and graden outside at the Ark

Clever design of the house creates a series of sheltered outdoor space

Contemporary living room and kitchen with splash of blue and green

Another fabulous feature of the Ark is its smart and modest rooftop pavilion that offers panoramic views of the city and the church in the distance. Unassuming décor that focuses on functionality, a neutral color palette and a sense of sophistication complete this exceptional family home in Ukraine! [Photography: Andrey Avdeenko]

Stylish kitchen and family room at the Ark

Top level sitting zone connected to the small roof-top pavilion

Roof-top pavilion overlooking the city and the landscape beyond

Glass doors connect the living area with the pool and terrace outside

Semi-open deck and pool design at the Ark

Sheltered pool and deck connected with the living area and the garden

Floor plan of sophisticated contemporary home in Kharkiv, Ukraine

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