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Villa U in Denmark: A Home Dressed in Dark Patinated Zinc and Glass

A contemporary home with a striking façade and panoramic landscape all around; Villa U is a visual treat for those who adore urban comfort wrapped in natural goodness. Designed by C.F. Møller, this is a two-story, single-family residence in Aarhus, Denmark that presents a unique and dramatic exterior draped in dark patinated Zinc, a hint of hardwood, and of course, plenty of glass! The spacious residence makes the most of the unique scenery that surrounds it by ensuring that every room in the house has a great view of the sights and sounds outside.

Dark patinated zinc and glass shape the facade of the spacious home in Denmark

Step inside and one sees an open, cheerful and refined living area that becomes the heart and soul of the exquisite home. Décor and accessories are kept minimal, with curated wall art taking center stage in each room, while a brick wall fireplace and inviting kitchen flank the light-filled central zone. With a ‘mirrored parallelogram’ design for the two levels of the house, there is plenty of space for shaded terraces, niches and outdoor zones that are visually connected with the interior. The ground floor houses the kitchen, central living space, dining area and bedrooms, with the top floor holding an addition living space, bathrooms and a lovely terrace.

Entry, carport and rooftopgarden level at the expansive private house in Aarhus

Contemporary residence in Denmark with mirrored parallelogram levels

Beautiful contemporary kitchen with wooden cabinets, island and dark lines that anchor it visually

Central living zone on the lower level of Villa U

Staircase clad in wood leading to the top level

Sculptural staircase and brick fireplace inside the contemporary residence in Denmark

Brick fireplace wall that extends all the way up towards the skylight on the top level

Designed to be wheelchair-friendly and equipped with an elevator, it is the generous use of skylights and floor-to-ceiling glass windows that give Villa U its refreshing ambiance. And as summer, spring and fall roll in each year, the homeowners of this ingenious Danish home could just be tempted to spend more time outside than indoors! [Photograhy: Julian Weyer]

Scenic landscape around Villa U in Denmark

Elegant and exquisite private residence in Denmark with large glass windows

Light from the house illuminates the private garden as well

Dark patinated zinc strips give the exterior a unique visual

Street facade of Villa U after sunset

Exclusive contemporary residence in glass and metal by C.F. Moller in Denmark

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