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Tranquil Natural Vibe Adds Coastal Charisma to Modern Aussie Home

The idea of a relaxing holiday and an idyllic, sunny beach are almost intertwined with one another, and many of us find styles such as coastal and nautical both pleasant and relaxing. It is barely surprising then that these two styles along with beach-inspired décor sit on top of decorating styles perennially! Nestled in Newstead, a riverside suburb of Brisbane, Australia, Sunshine Beach House adopts a soothing coastal style combined with modern refinement that turns it into an ergonomic and inviting family home. Designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects, this Aussie home uses greying timber and a host of natural finishes to achieve this unique ambiance.

Greying timber exterior of Sunshine Beach House in Newstead

Much of the house and its floor plan are defined by the courtyards that surround it, bringing in both natural light and a hint of greenery. This creates a nice indoor-outdoor interplay, allowing the homeowners to spend time outside while enjoying the comforts of a stylish interior. A stone wall in the living room acts as a charming accent addition that veers away from the coastal style of the home, while understated décor and a muted color scheme create a smart alchemy between contemporary finesse and beach-inspired hues.

Framed sliding glass doors open up the living room to the outdoors

Natura materials and timber give the Aussie home a distinct coastal vibe

Series of courtyards defines the interior and the design of the living areas

Stone accent wall in the living room with simple beach style

Unassuming decor choices style the Sunshine Beach House

Stacked wood creates textural contrast in the living room

Kitchen, dining area and courtyard on the lower level of Newstead home

It is the lower level of the house that holds the living areas, while the top floor contains the master suite along with additional bedrooms and guest spaces. An opening in the top level fashions a spacious double-height kitchen and dining area that adds to the cheerful, breezy character of this modern coastal residence.

Lighting above the dining table accentuates the vertical space on offer

Double height spaces give the interior a spacious appeal

Design of the kitchen allows a flood of natural light indoors

Cozy corner sitting space in the bedroom with chair and ottoman in gray

Contemporary bathroom in white

Beach style and contemporary elegance meet inside small bathroom

Sherry Nothingam
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