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Inspired by the Art of Origami: Creative Beach Club Restaurant in Luxembourg

Asian design has had profound influence on western architecture over the last few decades and the idea of serenity and simplicity that Japanese design offers is increasingly becoming a hit among the urban denizen. But the Boos Beach Club Restaurant in Luxembourg is a touch different from the usual interiors inspired by the Oriental! It is the art of Origami and its amazing creations that offered Metaform architects a way in which they could transform an old residential building and the space around it into a brilliant, contemporary and sensation club and restaurant.

Creative Boos Beach Club Restaurant in Luxembourg

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Wood, polished concrete, steel and white sand give the interior and the outdoors a modern-beachy vibe that sets the mood for good times at the Boos. It is easy to instantly fall in love with the sculptural style of the outer wooden shell that ‘leans on to the rear building’ and uses little in terms of structural support. This makes the interior an even more astounding space where sparkling lights, contemporary décor and a relaxing ambiance welcome guests gleefully.

Innovative beach club restaurant inspired by Japanese art of Origami

Burned wood, glass and polished concrete create a stylish beach club restaurant

Sculptural style of Luxembourg restaurant inspired by art of origami

Outdoor sitting area at the Boos Beach Club Restaurant

Contemporary style coupled with wooden warmth at beautiful beach restaurant

Delightful use of bulbs to illuminate the bar

Fabulous lighting adds sparkle to the bar at the Boos Beach Club Restaurant

With a new dining area, smoking zone and ample outdoor seating zone, the new restaurant is perfect as both a quiet and intimate setting and a sensational party zone once darkness sets it. A terrace bar and VIP zone complete the transformation that gives this Luxembourg restaurant a unique identity and sets it apart from the other hip hangouts in the neighborhood. So next time you happen to pass by the lovely town of Bridel, do make sure you stop for a quick bite even as you admire the exceptional design of Boos Beach Club Restaurant. [Photography: Steve Troes]

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Wood adds touch of warmth to the ingenious Boos Beach Club Restaurant

Smart and elegant sitting nook at the Boos Beach Club Restaurant

Finding a relaxing sitting nook at the Boos Beach Club Restaurant

Lighting adds a whole new dimension to the cool restaurant in Luxembourg

Exquisite ambiance of Boos Beach Club Restaurant

Floor plan of Boos Beach Club Restaurant in Luxembourg

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