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Japanese Style Meets Aussie Flair Inside the Minka Twins House in Brisbane

Delightful and cost-effective, the Minka Twins House Project in the suburbs of Bardon in Brisbane is one that moves gently away from the usual urban home construct in the region. The overall design of these houses along with their interiors is inspired by the form and architectural principles of classic Japanese farmhouses. This gives the twin residences an innate sense of simplicity and places efficiency above mere aesthetics. Both the houses are spread across two spacious levels and contain four bedrooms, bathrooms along with an open plan living area, kitchen and dining space. Designed by bureau^proberts, the houses have a batten-screened façade and this gives the residents ample privacy.

Modern Minka Twins House in inner suburbs of Brisbane

The gabled form the homes gives them a classic and traditional appeal while a neutral color scheme based on white shapes the modern interior. Glass walls connect the spacious dining and kitchen area with the outdoors and turn it into the social zone of the home. Metallic stairway sits at the heart of it all on the lower level and offers both visual and textural contrast. Passive cooling techniques and smart design cut back the necessity for artificial cooling and keep power consumption down to a minimum even as energy-efficient lighting takes over after sunset.

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Kitchen and dining area of the house connected to the pool area outside
Lighting adds warmth and an inviting presence to the living area
Twin islands of the kitchen provide perfect functionality along with dining space next to it
Open plan living area of the house in white with glass walls

A beautiful, extended deck, outdoor sitting area and the small pool put the final touches on a Brisbane home that is affordable, space-conscious and creates a happy, healthy living environment for the entire family. [Photography: Scott Burrows]

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Batten-screened façade of the house offers the right amount of privacy
Design of the house borrows from Japanese minimalism and classic barn structures
Elevation of the Minka Twins House in Brisbane
Floor plan of the house with public areas on lower level and bedrooms on upper level

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