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Long House: Smart Glass Enclosures coupled with Concrete and Wood

In a neighborhood filled with tree and old, ornate houses, the Long House feels like a breath of fresh air. Designed by TWS & Partners, this contemporary Indonesian residence has been crafted using largely wood and concrete while sweeping glass windows and sliding glass walls connect it with the outdoors. The balance between different structures is spot on with each bring its own uniqueness to the harmonious space. Natural light evenly illuminates the three different individual units that make up the house and the h-shaped overall plan allows for smart transitional zones and covered walkways outside.

Street facade of the Long house

The house gets its name from the long and spacious living room, dining area and kitchen that combine to form one continuous space. With the landscape outside becoming a part of the interior, the house feels much more inviting even as the neutral color scheme allows the various textures to showcase their true brilliance. Despite its openness, the street façade of the Long House offers ample privacy and a water pond along with the garden become safe escapes that are perfect for a lovely staycation.

Wooden decks and glass walls of the Long House
Wooden decks and corridors outside the house connect the different structures
Concrete wood and glass modern home in Indonesia
Modern interior with wooden accents inside the home
Glass walls create an open and long living area along with kitchen and dining
View of the Long house from the street outside

The pond does much more than being an aesthetic addition as it cools the house down during hot summer months with tropical plants and smart temperature management system doing the rest. Modern, easy-to-maintain and subtly tropical, this residence stands out from the crowd. [Photography: Fernando Gomulya]

River rocks and gravel around the house
Wood adds warmth and textural contrast to the contemporary bathroom
Lush green backyard of the Long House with wooden planters
Ground floor plan of the Long House
Floor plan of contemporary home in Indonesia

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