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Outdoor Chairs and Benches Bring Timeless French Panache to Modern Gardens

Talking down a stroll through the cobbled streets of Paris and a trip through the French countryside, one is undoubtedly drawn in by the charm and elegance of those street-side cafés and eateries. The bistro-style chairs and tables have long been a symbol of classic French charm at its beautiful best. Borrowing from this sense of timelessness and adding a touch of romantic elegance and some hand-forged scrolls and a few intricate patterns, the 1900 Collection of outdoor chairs and benches is truly exceptional. They really do take you back to the quiet, little Parisian café and give the backyard, patio or even balcony an instant style upgrade.

Colorful 1900 bench with hand-forged scrolls and a classic design

One of the most attractive seating options from the collection is the gorgeous 1900 iron cabriolet armchair that is both comfortable and classic. Available in two gorgeous colors and bringing the plush luxury of durable outdoor cushions, these exquisite chairs are bound to last the test of time while withstanding the wear and tear of the world outside. Another favorite of ours is the beautiful 1900 bench; a masterpiece that will transform any nook of your backyard into a relaxing private escape that feels removed from all the urban rush.

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French tradition and elegance is personified in the 1900 Collection
Add a touch of timelessness to this festive season with the 1900 bench
1900 Collection offers decor for the Bistro-styled hangout
Vivacious red bench takes you back in time!
Gorgeous and classic iron cabriolet armchair from Fermob
Give your garden an enchanting and whimsical makeover with the 1900 hanging armchair

Whether it is the simple chair, the armchair or even the hanging chair which your kids will absolutely love, every piece of the 1900 Collection from Fermob is distinctive, durable and yet delicately stunning from an aesthetic viewpoint. A perfect outdoor décor piece for those looking to give their backyard a quick revamp ahead of the Holidays!

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Beautiful 1900 bench fits in with a variety of outdoor decorating styles
Closer look at the delicate frame of the 1900 bench
Exquisite 1900 Cabriolet Armchair brings a timeless appeal to the garden
1900 Hanging Armchair in bright red
Use the elegant and chic 1900 bench for the romantic outdoor dining table

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