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Stone Walls and Scenic Views Welcome You at this Timeless Cornwall Home

Stone walls are firmly considered a thing of the past and they have been for a long while now. It is not every day that you come across a home that combines modernity with the timeless appeal of classic stone walls and does it so fluently as The Mowhay Rock, in Cornwall. Renovated and given a whole new appeal both on the inside and the outside by matt architecture, the beautiful home now has a total living area that is double of the previous space. This allows for two families to comfortable live in here without infringing on one another.

Smart and sensible renovation of the historic home in Cornwall with stone walls that now holds two families comfortable

Even from the outside you can see the beauty of the house and how it draws you in with its ageless rustic charm. Apart from the stone walls and traditional roof, the new extension also does its very best to mimic the overall ambiance of the original home while still offering modern comforts to guests. Despite its increased size, a series of smart insulation techniques, passive heating and cooling, energy-saving appliances and overall eco-friendly design have ensured that the renovated house consumes far less energy than the previous home. [Photography: George Fielding & Daniel Binks]

Fabulous new interiors of the home combine the classic with the modern in a seamless manner
Fireplace with small desk space on both sides is a great way to get some work done from home
Renovated and energy-efficient living area of the house that is now connected with the outdoors
Natural wood dining table of the home combined with chairs and a slim bench offers ample sitting space

The new annexe extends as far as (the maximum permitted) 8m beyond the back of the former cart shed (which is only 7m deep) and the new roof slopes down from (the maximum allowable height of) 4m to create a single folded surface of slates fanning out from the original building.

Beautifully framed window in the bedroom offers lovely views of the garden outside
Natural light illuminates the bedroom of the home while ushering in warmth
Deep grayish blue brings touch of class and contempoay elegance to this dashing home in Cornwall, UK

Sherry Nothingam

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