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Willow House: Classic British Brick Home with a Fresh, Light-Filled Interior

We love homes where the classic and the modern come together in a seamless manner. The Willow House is one such gorgeous example where the past and the present meet and do so without one infringing on the other. It is easy to see the charm of this lovely makeover. From the outside, you can clearly see brick walls that are whitewashed to give them a more elegant, chic appeal. Step inside and you will smart décor pieces and a neutral color scheme take over. Another striking feature is the use of beautiful framed glass walls on both the lower and the upper level that usher in ample natural light.

Revamped interior of the Willow house with a neutral color scheme and bright couch in green

A Charlton Brown project, selected new-age décor pieces are carefully coupled with existing past furniture items to ensure that there is a smart transition from the past to the present. White and gray are the two most used colors it is the couch, wall art and other selective pieces that user in bright pops of color and do so without ever seeming to try too hard. It is the perfect amalgamation of class and contemporary panache and bright metallic accents make each space even more special.

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Closer look at the decor and interior of the Willow house
Colorful and bright wallpaper for the small powder room that is beautifully lit
Combining the classic brick walls of traditional British homes with glass windows
Home workstation next to the glass wall is organized in an uncluttered fashion

The Willow House is a place where there is no shortage of excitement when it comes to color and pattern. A flood of natural light in the public spaces also illuminates the bedrooms and the bathrooms even as space is maximized using smart planning.

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Reading nook with comfy chair and slim floor lamp that brings metallic glitz
Beautiful use of bar cart with golden glint
Chairs, wall art and sofa bring brightness to the classic interior in neutral hues
Classic design elements bring sophistication to the interior of this British home

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