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Vaulted Ceiling in Ceramics Inspires Transformation of this Barcelona Home

There is plenty of value in turning old, dilapidated structure into modern homes that are both efficient and elegant. That is just what you get with the fabulous Refurbishment in Sarrià designed by Sergi Pons architects. This beautiful contemporary home was previously a confectionary store on the ground level of an old building in busy neighborhood of Barcelona. In its new avatar, the home combines some of the existing features of the classic structure with modern aesthetics and functionality to offer the best of both worlds. One of the most striking features of the home is the recovered, vaulted ceiling that is clad in classic ceramic tiles.

Traditional Catalan vaulted ceiling in ceramics adds delightful color and contrast to the living space

The original building was built in the 1930’s and subsequently additional layers of ceiling were added to cover the old, ceramic surface. By peeling back the layers and allowing the vaulted ceiling to shine through, the architects managed to add ‘something unique’ to the home without actually spending valuable resources on a new element. Much of the living area, bedroom, kitchen and dining space embrace a wood and white color palate with natural light finding its way into every single room.

Light-filled and bright living area of the home in Barcelona that was previously a confectionary shop
Lighting makes a big difference to this transformed Barcelona home with unique vaulted ceiling
Revamped interior of the old ground level shop in Barcelona turned into a lovely modern home
Wood, white and ceramic tiles shape the interior of this Barcelona home
Duo of pendant lights perfectly illuminates the smart kitchen island
Small bedroom in white designed to maximize space

Outdoor courtyard and steps draped in wood connect the living area with the old garden that still shelters the hundred-year-old acacia. Smart geometric tiles, classic mosaic surfaces and modular shelves and cabinets put the final touches on the timeless transformation. [Photography: Adrià Goula]

Gorgeously-lit corridor with exposed brick wall leading to the open plan living space
Wooden steps and courtyard lead to the private yard with large tree
Dashing and bright kitchen and dining space of the home in wood and white with ceramic-tiled ceiling
Delightful, light-filled bathroom in white where the floor tiles usher in pattern
Floor plan of Refurbishment in Sarrià designed by Sergi Pons architects

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