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Cantilevered Island Holiday Home Promises Fun and Relaxation

An island retreat that opens up lovely vistas of green and blue all around even while draping you in modern luxury, the Island Rest is a getaway where everyone in the family can rest and rejuvenate. Designed by Ström Architects, the holiday home is nestled on an uneven lot that overlooks the English Channels on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Instead of becoming a hindrance, the sloped contours of the lot have been turned into an advantage as the residence now has a cantilevered structure with one end anchored to ground and another floating gently above on stilts. This not only gives the island escape a unique appeal, but also ensures safety from any future flooding.

Exquisite modern home on the Isle of Wight with pool area and a relaxing ambiance

The open plan living area, kitchen and dining room sit on end of the home and extend into one another in a seamless fashion. Sliding glass doors connect the interior with the landscape and the view outside. With guest spaces and children’s bedrooms on one side of the living area and the master bedroom wing on the other end, there is a clear delineation of space in here. On the outside, a dark wooden exterior that sits next to ample green welcomes you while light contemporary hues and a world of pleasant wood surround you indoors.

Cantilevered end of the house hold he master bedroom along with the private wing
Combining greenery with contemporary comfort at the island getaway
Dashing dark exterior of the house allows it to blend in with the landscape after sunset

Lovely wooden ceiling and floor stand in contrast to the dark kitchen backdrop
Private Holiday Home on the Isle of Wight with a cantilevered design

The garden area around the house and pool blend into the scenery with “mowed paths through wildflowers” finding place next to the simple pool and outdoor hangout. An understated and elegant vacation home where the outdoors takes center-stage [Photography: Hufton+Crow]

Sliding glass doors open up the living and dining area towards the English Channel
Sloped nature of the lot sees one end of the house cantilevered while the other is fixed
Stone wall creates the border around the house while a green pathway leads to it
Wooden walls and ceiling along with cozy lighting and wonderful English Channel views for the bedroom

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