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Harfagar House: Cantilevered Chilean Residence in Steel and Wood

A cantilevered house brings with it a unique set of advantages that homes on raised platforms just cannot offer. For starters, you have a façade that is quite stunning and instantly grabs the attention of anyone walking past the home. Then there is the benefit of finding parking space under the cantilevered top level or; or a sheltered outdoor hangout at the very least. Nestled on an already elevated lot in Centinela Hill, in Matanzas, the Harfagar House in Chile aims to capture the view of distant village of La Boca. With River Rapel meeting the Pacific in this quaint setting, the residence designed by WMR Arquitectos does all it can to capture the beauty of the distant landscape and bring it indoors.

Cantilevered contemporary home in Chile with a view of La Boca town in the distance

Two intersecting volumes combine to create a structure that captures different views in different directions. It is the first level of the house that contains the living area, kitchen and dining in an open plan setting while the second floor contains the bedrooms which are oriented in a completely different direction. Two different terraces in the house extend the living area outdoors with ease even as local pine wood is used extensively throughout the building. Large glass walls and V-shaped pillars that support the cantilevered building usher in some much needed contrast to this warm and inviting space.

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Quartersawn pinewood is used throughout the modern house
Stunning view of La Boca and beyond from the first level living area
Sweeping deck of the house on first level creates an open and refreshing living area
V-shaped pillars carry much of the weight of the second level of the house
Twin decks around the house extend the living space outside

A smart staircase connects the two different levels of the house effortlessly with natural light flooding through both the levels. Clean lines and contemporary décor put the final touches on this beautiful Chilean residence. [Photography: Sergio Pirrone]

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Multiple entrances and decks around the modern Chile House
Metallic frame and wood combine to create a gorgeous contemporary home in Chile with distant ocean views
Ground level floor plan of Harfagar House
Bedroom level floor plan of cantilevered home in Chile

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