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Cantilevered Cabins with Green Roof Extend Breathtaking Norwegian Hotel

We love structures that try to blend into the landscape. It is even better when they go a step further and actually add to the greenery around them. Nestled on a mesmerizing vantage point and overlooking a vast water body and a captivating Norwegian countryside, the Øyna Cultural Landscape Hotel in Norway leaves you awestruck almost instantly. Green Advisers AS were brought in to add to the expanding needs of the hotel by adding 20 new, cabin-style rooms that surround the main hotel building and feature a green roof that feels like a natural extension of the scenery outside.

View from above from the green and delightful Øyna Cultural Landscape Hotel in Norway

The older structure of the hotel was built in concrete while the new additions have been crafted largely in wood – a contrast that at times is concealed by the beautiful green rooftops. On the inside, it I more of wood that takes over and provides a cozy, stylish refuge. Modern and Scandinavian styles have been combined seamlessly inside the cabin to create this new interior where form and functionality find space next to one another. Open the drapes of the rooms and one can enjoy unabated views of the world outside.

Green rooftops of the hotel units feel like an extension of the natural landscape
Greenery and majestic views welcome you at this brilliant green hotel
Mesmerizing Tromøya leaves you spellbound at the Oyna Cultural Landscape Hotel
Smart cantilevered design of the wooden cabins at the hotel
Cabin-style wooden units have been anchored to the ground even as the overlook distant landscape
Cantilevered wood hotel rooms extend this beautiful Norwegian hotel

Another interesting feature of the new cabins is the underground corridor that is used to access each of these rooms, making the entrance that much more special. Unique, sustainable and spectacular at times, this lovely hotel in Norway has it all! [Photographs: Green Advisers AS]

Concrete and wood shape this stunning green hotel in Norway
Dark wood brings a unique ambiance to the interior of the apartment and all the rooms
Delightful views of the scenic landscape from the new hotel rooms in wood
Fabulous dark bathroom in black combines modern design with Scandinavian simplicity
Impressive views of the Norwegian landscape from the hotel room
Polished gray and wood interior of the Norwegian cabin
World map in wood becomes a lovely focal point inside the hotel corridor

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