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Quaint Cabin-Style Weekend Retreat Clad in Dark Stained Oak and Slate

A weekend house that is traditional and modern at the same and surrounded by ample greenery, this little delight in Jones, Michigan was designed for a busy Chicago couple who wished to escape the rush once in a while. A Searl Lamaster Howe Architects creation, the weekend house feels relaxing and inviting with a private façade draped in wood. As you step inside, darker shades take over as the slate flooring and dark stained oak usher in plenty of gray. The living space sits next to the kitchen on an elevated platform while the dining area and other social zones are neatly tucked behind.

Relaxing modern weekend house in Jones, Michigan with a dark exterior

A beautiful blend of light and dark wooden finishes can be found in every room of the house with floor to ceiling glass windows bringing in ample natural light. Décor in the living area is largely transitional in its style with a beautiful tufted coffee table in green at the heart of it all. On one side you can find the fireplace while the other three sides have glass walls that offer unabated views of the green landscape.

Dark stained oak, decor and slate shape the interior of the weekend home
Floor-to-ceiling glass windows for the living room with wood in gray all around
Handmade tiles coupled with wooden ceiling and skylight in the bathroom
Look inside the beautiful holiday home
Lovely vacation home takes you away from the constant urban rush
Slate on the floor makes a big visual impact in this contemporary bathroom
Space-saving bunk beds for the kids’ room

It is the levels above that contain the luxurious cabin-style bedrooms with modern rustic charm and bathrooms that promise to leave you rejuvenated as you take in the many sights and sounds outside. A spacious wooden deck with bright red chairs, smart workspaces and space-savvy walk-in closets complete a home that is both efficient and graceful.

Stained oak cabinets and black slate floors shape much of the interior
View of the landscape around the holiday home
Comfortable and elegant cabin bedroom with stone and wood shaping it
Cozy family room of the cabin with fireplace and ample seating
Custom sconce lights for the bunk bed shelves inside the vacation home

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