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Nifty Conversion Alters Old Beauty Salon in Tokyo into a Charming Modern Hostel

Adaptive reuse of old structures is undoubtedly the best way to save both time and resources while carefully preserving a part of history and heritage that might otherwise be lost forever. Nestled in the busy Akabane neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan, Hotel ICHINICHI is a modest hostel and resting place for travelers who wish to go back to a time when Tokyo was still untouched by the modern razzmatazz. A building that once housed a beauty salon, a few offices and employee quarters was neglected for years before Aida Atelier converted it into a bold and exclusive hostel where space-savvy design holds sway.

Street facade of Hotel ICHINICHI in Kita, Tokyo

Ingenuity and an interesting blend of the past and present is what one finds here with custom ‘sleeping huts’ inside the hostel that offer modest yet comfortable sleeping space for guests. Those seeking more exclusive rooms can pick the larger guest rooms, but the true charm of this Tokyo hostel lies in the design of these sleeping pods with drapes that offer necessary privacy along with a place to rest and rejuvenate. Things are kept simple and minimal, with original textured walls and restored finishes of this old building transporting you to a Tokyo that is pretty hard to find these days.

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Narrow building relies on vertical space to provide smart sleeping quarters

A stunning view of the entry with spiral staircase and grand chandelier

Spiral staircase, chandelier and red mirror frames take you back to a Tokyo lost in time

Ingenious restoration and renovation of old beauty salon into a stylish hostel

A look inisde the nifty sleeping huts at the Tokyo hostel

Space-savvy sleeping huts inside the Tokyo hostel

Nested huts with drapes offer private sleeping quarters

The entrance, though, is dramatically different from the more minimal interiors and guest rooms, with a traditional spiral staircase, a glittering chandelier and large mirrors with red frames ushering in old Japanese charm. A place that lets you see Tokyo in a whole new light! [Photography: Tatsuya Noaki]

Smart hostel sleeping pods design offers ample resting space

Textured walls and restored finishes give the hostel a timeless look

Private room inside the revamped Tokyo Hotel as Hostel

Design of the hotel room with bath space

Bathrooms in white put ergonomics ahead of aesthetics

Work space next to the bed inside the Tokyo hotel

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