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Beautiful Benches: Inspiration For All Your Seating Needs

A bench is a run of seating that looks more like a long sofa than an individual seat. It can be either straight or curved.

Source: boodleconcept
Source: thelocalproject

A unique bench creates a focal point, whether it’s used indoors or outdoors.

Source: allthings.ash

Benches are an elegant way of creating more seating options in your home, instead of looking for extra chairs or making your guests stand.

Source: leonsad

Are you looking to add seating to an outdoor or indoor space? Entertain and relax with these built-in benches that are as attractive as they are functional.

Source: bsfdesign
Source: vintagehome

L-shaped benches provide plenty of seating for all types of entertaining.

Source: vogtland

The small trees surrounding this stunning curved bench provide an element of privacy.

Built-in Bench Seating inspiration
Source: trellisgard

This is the perfect venue for a big celebration, and it establishes the area as a destination for relaxation.

Source: seedlingsgarden

This handcrafted bench provides convenient and comfortable elements. It is elevated by concrete.

Source: cubicproduct

This arrangement provides the perfect spot for enjoying the garden and hanging out with loved ones when the weather is nice.

Source: exclusive

You can celebrate your wedding or another important event with these simple mahogany wood benches that will seat a large group.

Source: oldbearantiq

This is a stunning and heavily carved corner monk bench that gives you comfort with the additional armrest. Some fun pillows could make it look less formal.

Source: allmyeong

This is a pleasant and beautiful place for meditation. You could sit here all day without even realizing that time has passed.

Source: kacey

This bench can fit five to six people, perfect for times when you invite friends over.

Source: gwoodworking
Source: flippin

This built-in bench has two armrests and it offers the perfect spot for relaxing, day or night.

Source: jenifa
Source: ourbrisbane

One cannot help but admire this sight with a white-colored built-in bench drenched in natural light. This room will be lovely and practical when it’s complete.

Source: Stefan

The window seat has the best views in the house! It serves as a focal point in the living room.

Source: steve

This bench creates a seamless look against the wall and gives the room some personality.

It provides a bright spot to sit and interact with family members and friends.

Source: projectforpub

This is a well-designed and sturdy outdoor bench. It is modern, yet it also has an antique vibe.

Source: diynetwork

This in-built kitchen bench provides a convenient spot to sit and interact with the family.

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