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A Guide For Elegant But Affordable Baby Shower Decorations

Planning a party in honor of a friend or family member who’s expecting? Good news: baby shower decorations have come a long way! From tabletop decor options to towering backdrops, the possibilities are endless. At the same time, countless choices can be overwhelming. Before you stress over elaborate color schemes and floor-to-ceiling backdrops, rest assured you can always make a little go a long way.

Whether you’re keeping it simple or looking to scale up, today’s post is for you. By featuring a few simple ingredients for a festive fete, you can prove that less is truly more. And if you want to go all out and make it grand, there’s plenty of baby shower inspiration in the ideas that follow! Keep reading for details…
Photo Credit: Harlow And Grey


Confetti instantly channels a festive vibe, and it can even illustrate your party’s palette! If you hear “confetti” and you think “messy”, we challenge you to take another look. After all, there are plenty of ways to showcase this party supply within manageable boundaries.

Photo Credit: Kate Simmons
For example, try filling balloons with confetti before you inflate them. For more details, check out this colorful DIY tutorial from DIY Network. Also note that you can purchase confetti balloons ready to go from a variety of sources, such as Etsy.
If you’re itching to scatter confetti without the hassle of cleanup, you can also craft a confetti table runner by pouring it onto a glue-covered, long piece of paper. This way, you get all of the fun with the added bonus of the dots staying in place! Joy Cho shares this quick DIY project via video.

If you’re not opposed to a little bit of cleanup, you can always scatter confetti on your tabletop. Do note that if young children are attending your baby shower, tiny pieces of the product may not be the optimal prop, but you can always limit the confetti to surfaces that are out of reach.


We’re in the middle of a balloon revival, thanks to the growing popularity of balloon arches, towers and backdrops. Throw in the accessibility of helium tanks, and many are taking a DIY approach to balloon decor.
Photo Credit: Kate Simmons
If an image like the one below grabs your attention, you can create the magic on your own with the help of a balloon package from Etsy shop EditionHers, or you can hire someone to do it for you. There’s nothing like a party backdrop that looks good enough to eat:
You can also get the look with a balloon garland like the one featured in the next image. Note how a variety of sizes creates dimension and interest. Supplies can be found at Etsy shop Party Tableware Store:

An even simpler approach such as a basic arch with greenery thrown in can create a beautiful focal point. Check out our Decoist tutorial on how to create your own in a few easy steps.
Pink-toned balloon arch with tropical greenery
And don’t underestimate the power of helium balloon bundles. A quick trip to a party superstore or a $20-$30 mini helium tank purchase (for home balloon filling) can get the job done!


Like festive strings of magic, garlands provide endless opportunities for embellishment. Due to their popularity, there are many offerings, at an equal variety of price points. The garland featured below comes as part of a 3-piece party “banner” set, available for an affordable $4.99 at Target.

Photo Credit: Kate Simmons
In fact, many garlands are sold in sets. With one budget-friendly purchase, you can decorate a sizable portion of the room. Don’t hesitate to layer your garlands as you drape them, creating criss-cross patterns and plenty of overlap. This four-leaf tissue paper garland style is perfect for a decadent, layered look at party time…
Photo Credit: Amazon
Use your garlands to line a doorway, wrap around a party table, create a backdrop or hang overhead. 
Photo Credit: MRMSLI / Etsy

Paper Fans

There’s something so whimsical about paper fans! When it comes to baby shower decorations, it’s hard to deny that fans channel a retro vibe, but a “more is more” approach to displaying them creates a fresh, modern feel. [photo by Kate Simmons]

As with all of today’s featured party supplies, you can go grand or keep it simple. Even a small grouping of fans over a party table makes a beautiful statement. Then again, the paper fan backdrop below is nothing short of stunning.
On a related note, paper fan bunting is eternally charming, making it the perfect addition to your baby shower decorations. One strand adds a decent amount of flair, but as you can see, “the more the merrier” also applies here
Photo Credit: Pinterest


There’s power in a good surface-top focal point. The number of centerpieces you create will depend on the size of the shower you plan, as well as the logistics. A sit-down fete with 10 tables will obviously feature more centerpiece action than a small gathering with a food table and a ring of chairs in the living room. Don’t hesitate to get unique with your arrangements. Below we see faux coral and air plant selections in an eye-catching grouping.

Photo Credit: Kate Simmons
 A baby shower centerpiece doesn’t have to be baby-themed. For example, a grouping of real or faux foliage can make a big impact, as shown in this cactus-themed baby shower from All for the Memories:
Not to mention, a centerpiece can be gifted to your guest of honor, and multiples can be used as prizes for party guests who win shower contests or games. You can also put a new twist on a baby shower classic. For example, the “diaper cake” concept gets an upgrade with these succulent diaper cake centerpieces from Baby Blossom Company. Modern and timeless:

Party Goods

Don’t forget party supply basics such as plates and cutlery! If we can safely say we’re in the middle of a balloon revival, rest assured we’re experiencing a party plate renaissance. It’s inspiring to watch party good design studios such as Harlow & Grey emerge. Large paper plates from the brand’s Goddess collection are featured in the photo below.

Photo Credit: Kate Simmons
Paper party goods are a wonderful way to add color and pattern to your party palette. In addition, plastic cutlery has never been so stylish. Affordable/disposable/reusable options abound, so now is the perfect time to see what rose gold party forks will look like on your buffet table!
Photo Credit: Ali Express
If you’re on a tight budget, keep it simple with basic items in solid tones, but splurge on one item, such as beautifully designed paper dessert plates for the cake.
Photo Credit: Harlow & Grey
We at Decoist wish you the most festive of fetes! Thanks for reading.

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