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Bayside Residence: Timber Battens and New Floor Plan Revamp Art Deco Home

If there is one thing that we have leant in the last few months of working from home, then it is that we need a home where we can keep an eye on our kids even as we get things done and get to work from home. Accommodating just that and along with revamping the living area, adding a new main bedroom suite, renovating the existing bedrooms and bathrooms in an extensive fashion is the gorgeous Bayside Residence in the suburbs of Melbourne. The aging art deco home was altered extensively by FMD Architects by blending the old with the new even while creating a clear delineation between both the sections.

Fabulous modern home extension and makeover in Bayside area with extensive use of timber for the deck

It is timber battens that end up stealing the spotlight here with the fabulous new rear extension in wood connecting the old house with the outdoors. What is really impressive with the makeover of this Aussie home is the way in which timber battens are used both aesthetically and functionally in different sections of the house. On the outside the timber frame provides protection, increases privacy and filters in sunlight while also offering shade for the deck. Yet, there are sections where the battens are there just to give the walls a facelift and visually connect the exterior with the interior.

Alfresco space offer outdoor play areas for kids and place to rest and relax for adults
Contemporary wood and white kitchen of the Bayside Residence
Glass walls create a seamless interface between the interior and the outdoors
Gorgeous timber battens are used both inside and outside the home to create a visual connection
Living area, kitchen and dining space of the modern Bayside Residence extension
New light-filled living room of the home in white and wood

An open living area that extends into the deck, lovely window seats, extensive outdoor hangouts and play areas for kids and ‘smart views’ that allow the adults in the house to constantly monitor the kids put the final touches on this clever and classy revamp.

Custom in-ground LED lights brilliantly illuminate the wooden deck around the house
Exterior of the revamped Bayside home with warm lighting that elevates its visual appeal
New additions and extensions of the house are delineated from the old using timber battens
Timber battens are used both functionally and aesthetically throughout the home
Wood and white shape the modern living area of the classic art deco residence in Bayside area

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