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Adaptable Apartment Revamp Embraces both Pastels and Dazzling Jewel Tones!

There are plenty of different directions in which an apartment renovation can go and often it is defined by available space, style and the specific needs of the homeowners. Nestled in an aging building in Hong Kong, the Happy Valley Residence is a three-bedroom apartment spread over 1206 square feet and was in urgent need of a modern makeover. As with most apartment revamps, Lim + Lu decided to adopt a neutral backdrop in white for the new interior even while doing away with rigid walls and unnecessary internal partitions. But that is where the similarities stop as this relaxing and ravishing home combines pretty pastels with exquisite jewel tones to create a truly spellbinding setting!

Revamped modern apartment in Hong Kong by Lim + Lu

Even though it is the lovely light pinks in the living space, pastel blue and brilliant metallics that instantly grab your attentions, this adaptable and ingenious apartment is about much more than mere aesthetics. A new, flexible floor plan sees the bedroom and the living area next to one another with suspended glass and black powder coated stainless steel sliding doors separating that spaces. Sliding doors also create a small, private space next to the living area that can be used as a guest room, additional family room or even a home office when needed.

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Adaptable living room and guest room of the stylish Hong Kong apartment
Jewel-toned green drapes and pastels create a gorgeous interior
Pastel pink and bright blue create a vivacious interior
Versatile and modern interior of Hong Kong apartment
White kitchen and dining with tiled beauty
Bold brass base of the small breakfast table
Contemporary white kitchen with black and white tiled backdrop

With a continuous oak floor, gorgeous splashes of jade green and unique black and white tiles in the kitchen that bring visual contrast every corner of this revitalized apartment has something new to offer. A smart kitchen in white, comfortable dining space, minimalist bedrooms and walk-in closet complete this fabulous home in Hong Kong. [Photography: Nirut Benjabanpot]

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Serene bedroom in white with dark, framed partitions that usher in light
Simple and minimal bedroom idea with black powder coated stainless steel sliding doors
Warm metallics bring brightness to the stylish powder room
Glam powder room idea in jewel-toned green and white
Innovative decorative pieces bring bright metallics to the neutral interior
Floor plan of the revamped apartment in Hong Kong

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