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Big and Tiny: Integrated Workspace and Playzone for Both Kids and Adults

Modern lives and technology has drastically altered our work-life dynamic. Now we take our work with us pretty much everywhere and while it has its downside, there are plenty of benefits as well. For those entrepreneurial few who carry their work with them or ones who are not constrained by the cubicle and have a more flexible work arrangement, working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. It does become a bit harder when you have kids around you. Not only do you need to keep any eye on them and make sure they are occupied, but need to get work done in the few moments you can find between all the rush. Big and Tiny offers a smart solution to such working parents in Santa Monica, California.

Geometric metal and wood shelves along with modular cubes offer display and storage space

This innovative new space combines work, play and a storefront with ease its 2100-sqaure-foot expanse provides members with a place where they can work with ease even as their kids stay busy. At the front of the setting one can find the store with geometric shelves and various cubes and modular units that make it a flexible space. The middle section is the play area for kids while a quiet and smart co-working area is nestled in the last part. The idea of Zooco Estudio here is to ensure that parents have the perfect place where they can combine care and career without logistic hassles. [Photography: Aaron & Jon Photographers]

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Kids’ play area in the middle with ample space and custom play zones
Pastel blue and pink bring color to the interior
Unique and innovative adult and kids’ space in California for the modern employee
Wooden ceiling beams and walls bring warmth to the contemporary space
Adult co-working space at the back of Big and Tiny
Front retail section of the Big and Tiny in Santa Monica

The mission of the company is to support and empower our vibrant community of parents by helping them integrate their personal and professional lives. Based on this premise, Big and Tiny was designed with both adults and children in mind.

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Industrial elements add to the appeal of the interior
Design plan of Big and Tiny in California
Overall visual appeal and design of Big and Tiny

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