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A Breakdown of the Best Backyard Privacy Fence Choices

A privacy fence is a boundary between your home and the outside world. It has to be at least 4 to 6 feet tall before it can qualify as a “privacy fence.” Although many homeowners often ignored it when planning landscape design, having a privacy fence in your home can be very advantageous.

Not only does it keep away wild or stray animals from getting into your garden, but it also keeps your children or pets within the yard parameters. Did you know that having a privacy fence in your backyard also increases the sale value of your home?

What Are Privacy Fences Made Of?

The materials used to build a privacy fence influence the possibility of spacing that might emerge between slats. This will, in turn, let you know precisely how private the area or yard will be once the fence is constructed.

wooden privacy fence with ivy
Photo Credit: Pinterest
white wooden lattice privacy fence
Photo Credit: BHG

Privacy fences are made from a variety of materials, but the most popular are wooden and vinyl.

Vinyl fences can last for up to 20 years and are also very impervious to pests. It is known for its adaptiveness to any climate, for being a non-toxic material, and for being easy to maintain.

white vinyl fence
Photo by: Home Stratosphere

On the other hand, wooden fences serve as a sound barrier from noise coming from the streets or nearby houses. They are also known for being a wind barrier and are available in various styles.

wooden fence in grassy backyard
Photo Source: Houzz

Types Of Backyard Privacy Fence Styles

Backyard fence ideas
Photo via: BHG

There are many types of backyard privacy fences, some of the most popular of which include: wrought-iron, rattan or bamboo fencing, slat wood or pallet fencing, and chain link. Let’s explore these options as well as a few others!


Made from raw elements of iron and having one of the best components for its making, its components include spires, pickets, posts and rails, finials, cover flanges, and escutcheon. While it’s believed that decorative iron-wrought fences develop rust, it’s less of a concern for modern iron today.

pink flowers behind wrought iron fencing
Photo from: Period homes

Modern iron-wrought fences are made with galvanized steel or aluminum and are treated with powder coating, meaning they’re made to be resistant to rust.

wrought iron fence with well trimmed hedges
Photo from: Home stratosphere

They are more affordable than you think, and they come in various styles, all giving a sense of security and privacy.

Rattan or Bamboo Fence

This attractive fence mostly comes in panels or rolls. It is known for being less expensive, easy to install, and has various colors and styles. Bamboo fencing is highly friendly to the environment and is a top choice to help the planet while you beautify your property.

bamboo fence in oriental-themed garden area
Photo from: Garden Tabs

Pallet Or Slat Wood Fence

The pallet fence is a classic one, mostly when its walls are dressed up with foliage. They can be great for urban space when they look similar to a patio, which increases privacy.

cacti in front of slat wooden fence
Photo from: Houzz

Pallet fences can be very durable, withstanding the elements and heavy loads. It is a practical and resilient choice for a privacy fence.

backyard pallet fence surrounding faux grass and barbecue
Photo via: Impressive interior design

White Picket Fence

As the name infers, the white picket fence is perpetually white. It symbolizes the ideal middle-class suburban life. The white picket fence is used for domestic barriers with neighbors and is distinguished by its evenly spaced vertical boards.

white picket fence in front of grey home with red door
Photo from: BHG
white picket fence in front of cottage
Photo via: The Spruce

Chain Link Or Wired Fence

It can become hard to agree to a privacy fence, particularly when you consider the cost of installation and annual maintenance. This can’t be said for chain link fences, for it is less costly in maintenance and requires little work to clean up. A chain-link fence is typically made up of galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire. This material makes it easy for the fence to be repaired if damaged.

black chain link fence
Photo from: Easy experts
front yard black chain link fence
Source from: Academic fence company

Brick Wall

A well-laid brick wall with a good foundation can last for decades. It might be a little pricey, but the durability makes it worth the cost. You can add different decorative elements to the brick wall like planters or crawling plants, or mix in elements of wrought iron, depending on the desired look.

brick privacy fence backyard patio
Photo Credit: Homesbuilders.us
brick privacy fences
Source from: DIY morning
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