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20 Modish Minotti Sofas and Seating Systems

Italian design industry giant Minotti, a company founded in the 1950s by Alberto Minotti, continues to endure at the forefront of Italy’s gargantuan furniture design scene. Balancing traditional design convention with a modish and modern edge, Minotti has evolved throughout the decades, amassing a prolific design portfolio. Despite the brand’s typically sober comportment (arguably a feature of many Italian design heavyweights), Minotti is an internationally creative powerhouse.

Siblings Renato and Roberto Minotti helped grow the company exponentially, sharing creative and aesthetic values with Italian architect Rodolfo Dordoni. A formidable designer and the company’s artistic director since 1997, Dordoni presides over the design and development of every Minotti collection. Unquestionably high-end, Minotti’s designs are for the “sophisticated” customer and moreover, the company considers itself “the benchmark for refined people”. Such lofty ideals are underpinned by an in-depth research methodology, as well as a commitment to craftsmanship, style and industrial prowess.

Leonard sofa geometric shapes

Each Minotti collection is created in-house by skilled professionals and artisans, thus enjoying genuine “Made in Italy” credentials. Indeed Minotti prides itself in the authenticity and reliability of its products. Minotti boasts a vast array of furnishings for both the home and varied public domains. A sofa is feasibly one of the most expensive purchases that any discerning consumer will make. Choice, quality and originality are all important factors in that decision.

Yang sofa system detail

At Minotti, its collection of sofas and seating systems is extensive, diverse and aimed firmly at the discerning consumer. Rodolfo Dordoni designed each of the sofas and seating systems featured below, with the exception of the ‘Alison Iroko Indoor’ sofa (designed in conjunction with Roberto Minotti ) and ‘Le Parc’ (designed by Minotti Studio and coordinated by Dordoni). Each sofa and seating system is certainly individual and prepossessing, a testament to Rodolfo Dordoni’s skill as a designer.

Alison Iroko Indoor

An indoor sofa, ‘Alison’ is distinguished by its large African iroko tree frame.

Alison Iroko sofa


Appearing as a textbook Minotti form, ‘Allen’ is smart, smooth and quintessentially classic.

Allen sofa

Andersen Slim 90

With a depth of 90cm, the ‘Andersen Slim 90’ is roomy enough to offer a relaxed seat in a cozy office space.

Andersen Slim 90 sofa

Aston “Cord” Outdoor

The ‘Aston’ sofa, part of a family of outdoor furnishings, will add both style and substance to any hip outdoor terrace. Its 7mm braided polypropylene cord seat back is available in light grey and dark brown.

Aston Cord Outdoor sofa


The ‘Collar’ sofa is designed with adjustable armrests and seat-back (in three positions – horizontal, diagonal and vertical). ‘Collar’ combines rational design with functionality and an aesthetic mien.

Collar sofa

Collar arms are adjustable


The ‘Dubuffet’ sofa, marked by its straight and curved lines, has an appealing modern air of sophistication and elegance.

Dubuffet sofa

Hamilton Islands

‘Hamilton Islands’ denotes a system of pieces that can be joined together or remain free-standing.

Modern Hamilton Islands Sofa


‘Hockney’ offers the flexibility of a seating solution in which elements can be used alone or in combination. With its somewhat futuristic appearance, ‘Hockney’ is perfectly suited to contemporary gallery and lounge spaces.

Hockney sofa


‘Klee’ is a sofa whose design embraces poise, harmony and confidence, with a form augmented by a meticulously handcrafted metal base.

Klee sofa

Le Parc

Inspired by traditional European wrought iron furnishings, ‘Le Parc’ strips away the elaborate details often associated with such designs, presenting a clean and contemporary character.

Le Parc sofa with European wrought iron frame


‘Leonard’ is a seating system originated in the grouping of geometric upholstered elements. The combination of fabric and leather (pictured below) is striking and aesthetically pleasing, meshing tradition with a contemporary form.

Leonard sofa

Lounge Seymour

Designed principally for hospitality settings, ‘Lounge Seymour’ is understated, subtle and discreet. Its stunning composition provides what must surely be a welcoming seat. The grey leather model (pictured below) is exceptionally inviting.

Curvy and contemporary Seymour sofa

Lounge Seymour fabric sofa


‘Powell’ is a sofa system whose design language epitomizes Minotti. With fixed and sectional seats, ‘Powell’ demands nothing less than lolling and lounging.

Powell sofa


With its midcentury-esque credentials, this modern ‘Rivera’ sofa is the considered product of technical expertise, innovation and craftsmanship. The Rivera’s warm iroko heartwood handcrafted base and woven backrest are standout features, ensuring it maintains a timeless essence.

Rivera outdoor sofa

Rivera sofa from rear

Rivera sofa detail


Despite its curving formality, the ‘Seymour’ sofa is harmonious and winsome, with ample room to drape oneself.

Seymour curving sofa



With a depth of 93cm, the handsome ‘Sherman.93’ fits seamlessly into any tight spot.

Sherman_93 low back sofa


‘Smith’ is a minimal and simple lounge system whose form will enhance a modern public space.

Smith sofa


‘Spencer’ is a beautiful sofa whose effortless design recalls shapes often associated with the 1960s and 70s. Upholstered in leather (pictured), it has a distinctly modern Danish appeal.

Spencer sofa


The classically shaped ‘Williams’ seating system incorporates a “thermosensitive new-generation foam [that is] self-moulded [and] allows weight to be properly distributed.”

Williams sofa


‘Yang’ offers a dynamic seating system, mixing geometric lines, soft volumes and varied seat arrangements. Designed with a younger audience in mind, ‘Yang’ is cozy and curious, inviting self-expression through its adaptable form.

Dynamic Yang sofa system

All images © MINOTTI S.p.A.

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