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Revitalized Cottage in Stone and Wood Captures the Aura of Scottish Highlands

Transforming an old and discarded cottage into a lovely modern home is a task that requires both imagination and an understanding of the local architecture and heritage. The fabulous Torispardon is a modern private home clad in granite and whinstone that was recovered by completely dismantling the existing structure. Crafted with care by architect Stuart Archer for his mom, it combines two stone structures that are traditional on the outside with a contemporary link building crafted in glass and wood. The juxtaposition of contrasting styles is truly fascinating and acts as a bridge between the past and the now!

Traditional stone cottage with modern link structure

Designed by Archer along with architect Liz Marinko, the home had to conform to strict building guidelines, as it is located in the picturesque Cairngorm National Park. Surrounded by captivating rolling hills and offering scintillating views of the Cairngorm Mountains and the Spey Valley in the distance, the new, rejuvenated cottage house is an absolute delight for nature lovers. Split into three ergonomic parts, the home includes a cottage structure that serves as a guest suite and can be closed off completely when not being used. The classy glass and timber link between the two stone edifices houses a beautiful contemporary kitchen and a snazzy dining space.

Torispardon Cottage nestled in Cairngorm Mountains and the Spey Valley

Wood brings inviting warmth to the stone cottage

Glass and timber modern structure meets lovely cottage in stone

Extreior of the Highlands home in granite and whinstone

All-white kitche brings contemporary charm to the revamped cottage home

Skylights and glass walls usher in natural light

The third cottage holds the living areas and the master suite and seems to flow into the link structure both aesthetically and architecturally. Glass windows bring in ample natural light while ensuring that the insulation is not compromised at any turn. Keeping out the freezing winter chills even while offering unabated, framed views of the landscape around, the restored cottage is a timeless masterpiece. [Photography: David Barbour]

Living room with a gabled roof

Sweeping interiors of the Scottish home with stunning Highland views

View of the contemporary addition with kitchen and dining from the bedroom

Bedroom captures he farmhouse charm perfectly

Transitional zone between the guest area and maste suite in glass

Glass cut-outs and windows bring a surreal atmosphere to the cottage home

Classy Scottish home surrounded by rolling hills

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