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Summery Swimming Pools with the Most Unusual Shapes

Ah, summer. The perfect time for some poolside relaxation. You’re probably aware that most inground pools typically come in relatively simple shapes — often rectangular, oval, kidney, L-shaped, figure eight, or some other varying geometric form. But have you ever seen a pool shaped like a guitar? What about a painter’s palette? From a bird’s eye view, the shape of a pool can truly look like a work of art. Here are just a few that will blow you away!

An 18th Century Violin-Shaped Pool

This may be one of the most gorgeous pools you’ll ever see. This custom-designed pool from Cipriano Landscape Design created the extremely detailed look of a 1700s era Stradivarius violin. It even includes LED lighting plus half a million translucent glass tiles, among several other extravagant details. It almost looks too perfect to swim in!

This pool was designed specifically to look like an exact replica of an 18th century violin
Lights and thousands of tiles light the pool up at night in all sorts of dazzling colors

Guitar-shaped Pools

It turns out that the musical instrument-inspired pool shape is somewhat of a trend. Check out these pools that have been designed to look like guitars. They even have the strings and a few musical notes painted on the floor.

Guitar-shaped pool with strings and musical notes
A slightly simpler design for a guitar-shaped pool

Piano-Shaped Pools

Sticking with the musical instrument theme, pools shaped like pianos also exist, although the ones below are slightly bigger than what can fit in the average homeowner’s backyard. This first pool features a simple shape with a long keyboard along one side, while another (uploaded by Pinterest user queenofnails) actually incorporates some really beautiful gold and black musical designs onto the floor of the pool.

Piano-shaped pool with keyboard along the side
Piano-shaped pool with musical designs painted on the floor

Heart-Shaped Pools

A simpler but still creative and unique way to pick a shape for your pool would be to go with something that’s easier to replicate — a heart. This first heart-shaped pool maintains a pretty simple look in terms of the overall shape and lack of details, while the next two with a poolside hot tub and some nicely tiled edges tend to exaggerate the heart shape a little bit more.

Heart-shaped pool
Heart-shaped pool with hot tub
Heart-shaped pool with a slightly more exaggerated heart shape

Pet-Inspired Doggie Pools

Some places that specialize in dog care have pools shaped as dog bones that the dogs can use to play in and cool off. It’s basically a dog’s paradise! You can check some of these designs out on Animal Fair and Sensation Pools. Happy Dog Days is also another one worth checking out, which both you and your pet can visit to enjoy their paw-shaped swimming pool!

Bone-shaped pool for dogs to play and cool off
Bone-shaped pool designed with specific depths for dogs just deep enough to play in
Paw-shaped pool

Fish-Shaped Pools

Perhaps one of the most appropriate yet still unusual shapes for a swimming pool has to be a fish. What could be better? This first fish-shaped pool features tropical colors to bring out an artsy effect, while this second pool just adds a few design features for the fins and eye of the fish.

Fish-shaped pool with tropical painted colors
Fish-shaped pool with subtle details for the fin and eye

A Painter’s Palette-Shaped Pool

If you’re a painter, how great would it be to have your very own swimming pool that’s shaped like a palette? That’s exactly how artist Allan Rodewald designed his pool, according to Houston Lifestyles and Homes. It has seven colors on the floor to give the effect of paint colors, an over-sized paintbrush, and even a little island that complements the shape of the palette.

Painter’s palette-shaped swimming pool for an artist’s home

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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