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Trendy Home Offices That Are Surprisingly Functional

Do you work from home? If you do, then you likely know just how important it is to have a room or small section to work from that helps you stay focused and ideally offers you a bit of inspiration too. And even if you don’t work from home, it’s still worth setting up a home office space just for surfing the web, getting any necessary administrative tasks done, or working on your hobbies. But a desk, a chair, and a house plant shouldn’t cut it! For a super functional home office space that’s both fun to work in and pleasing to the senses, check out these unusual (but practical) design inspirations.

Small Spatial Solutions

Not everyone has a large room they can turn into an office. Sometimes, all you may have to work with is a small corner of a main room like the den or the kitchen, or part of a wall in the bedroom. Turning that into a work space can feel like a nightmare if you’ve got tons of stuff that needs to be kept all neat and tidy for proper organization and to facilitate easy access, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get innovative with the limited space you can use to maximize storage. These micro office spaces do just that!

Small office space with cubby shelves for storage
Tiny office space in wall section of a bedroom
Small office space with fun wallpaper
Small office space with vintage garden accessories

Desk with a Cool View

The outdoors can offer great inspiration any time you find yourself faced with a project that takes a lot of thought, problem solving, or creativity. If you have a room or space that allows you to position your desk near a window, then you should take full advantage of it! I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes to work near a window, and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll feel it too if you make that change from a dark, dreary space to one with more natural light and greenery to look at. Here are some cool ideas you can think about if you’ve got a big window to position your furniture around.

Office space with large artist/designer table beside windows
Office space in an attic with bookshelves surrounding window
Inground office space with large and open window

Fun Themes for Creatives

If part of your work is heavily involved in the creation process, whether it’s art, writing, web design, graphic design, or something else, then establishing the right atmosphere in your work space can be just as important as staying organized or having access to an outdoor view to help you get your wheels spinning. Creativity can be enhanced by some pretty weird and unexpected things, so why not try an office setup that’s super dramatic and gothic, tropical like the beach, or more designed with cool geometric shapes?!

Beach themed office space for a designer
Library office space with geometric table
Minimal office space with triangular geometric paint
Large gothic style home office space

Rustic Inspiration

You’re not stuck in a cubicle in a corporate environment, so why make it look that way? Instead, consider ditching anything too drab or overly modern for a cozy, homey rustic design with lots of wood, fun fabrics, and anything else that reminds you of the countryside. Taking this style route can help you create a home office space that’s both calm and soothing, which may even help you avoid feeling tense or anxious as you work away on whatever tasks you need to focus on. Take a look at these designs and do some brainstorming on a few of the details that might fit your own tastes.

Rustic home office with wood shelving
Rustic home office with brick wall and artsy accessories
Bright rustic home office with tree branches
Rustic home office with dark wood paneling

You can really have a lot of fun with designing a home office, and because it functions as a space meant to boost creativity and focus, you can almost get away with virtually anything at all. [Photos from DigsDigs.com]

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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