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Stunning Courtyard and Natural Materials Shape Loma House in Ecuador

If you love rustic design that is inspired by the simplicity and efficiency of a distinctly rural lifestyle, then you will quickly fall in love with the beautiful Loma House in Cuenca, Equador. Coming with a rich heritage, the home embraces a modern lifestyle while staying true to its storied past. The exterior of the home with its plastered walls and red clay roof tiles not only paints a picture that moves away from mundane modern homes, but also offers lovely natural insulation in a hot, tropical country.

Hammocks offer an opportunity to relax under the covered porch

Nestled on the highest part of the property and designed by Iván Andrés Quizhpe, the dwelling showcases the many benefits of adaptive reuse of structures and the unique blend of styles that they unleash. The old floor plan was altered, and the existing rooms and boundaries inside the house were altered to promote a more interactive, modern lifestyle. Meanwhile, the exterior got a simple facelift. The original ambiance of the home was kept intact, even with the addition of modern glass and steel partitions that allowed for a better flow of natural light. Multiple living areas, family rooms, a dining area, a kitchen, a home office and a library are arranged around the mesmerizing central courtyard that ends up stealing the show!

Exterior of the renovated home in Ecuador with a rustic appeal

Entryway leading to the private residence in Cuenca

Central courtyard of the home with a reflective pond and walkway

River rock and Arupo tree shape the stunning central counrtyard of the Cuenca Home

Natural materials shape the lovely interior of the home

Plastered walls and a neutral color palette create dark, moody vibe

Eucalyptus wood, hay and reed bring inviting warmth to the gorgeous home

Modern kitchen of the Loma House with industrial flair

The tranquil water feature filled with river rocks and an Arupo tree truly transforms the entire atmosphere inside the house and creates a soothing getaway that can be accessed from pretty much every room of the home on the lower level. Bedrooms and bathrooms are placed on the top floor and offer complete privacy along with wonderful views of the neighborhood. Materials from the original façade such as rock, dirt, eucalyptus wood, hay and reed were used throughout the smart renovation, making this a truly efficient and enchanting makeover. [Photography: Sebastián Crespo]

Glass walls connect the interior with the spellbinding courtyard

Red clay tiles give the roof of the home a distinct indentity

Stunning courtyard with reflective pond and river rock

Al fresco dining of the cool Loma House

Warm lighting adds to the aura of the modern rustic home in Ecuador

Modern Rustic Loma House in Ecuador

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