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Captivating Chiltern House Offers a Green Oasis in Singapore’s Urban Landscape

A soothing natural hub that lets you escape the constant rush of city life and surrounds you in a cloak of greenery is something that most of us find after driving into the countryside for an hour or four. But modern homeowners no longer wish to limit this experience to a weekend getaway alone, and this has caused an increase in contemporary homes that carve out refreshing and splendid ‘green oases’ that create a natural world within the concrete city landscape. Designed by WOW Architects and located in Singapore, the Chiltern House is one such residence that combines a wide array of natural textures with a private garden and a rooftop lily pond that leave you spellbound.

Exterior of the stylish Chiltern House in Singapore

Spread across four extensive levels, the main objective of the home was to provide a gorgeous retreat for the entire family right at their doorstep and to blur the conventional lines that separate the interior from the world outside. Spacious living zones that employ large glass windows and sliding glass doors get this done with ease, even as the lower-level living areas contain the family area, kitchen and dining space in one continuous yet cleverly delineated fashion. With a swimming pool at one end of this large living area and the vivacious, private garden at the other, it is a design that promotes a seamless interaction between family members and a lovely flow of natural light.

Living room with expansive window that brings the garden greenery indoors

Neutral color palette of the living room with ample natural light

Raw timber and concrete shape the unassuming entrance of the home

Staircase with wooden steps and glass railing inside the contemporary home

Glass adds elegance to the exterior of the contemporary home in Singapore

Innovative use of wooden partitions and glass windows creates a flowing interior

The basement and the second level contain additional guest spaces, bedrooms and family zones along with other utility rooms. Yet it is the top level that really steals the show with its amazing lily pond and terrace that sit right outside the master bedroom and offer stunning views of the city skyline. With a neutral color palette and raw concrete, timber and steel shaping an interior that is both understated and relaxed, the focus at the Chiltern House firmly remains on the greenery just outside!

Master bedroom on the top floor with dramatic views of the city skyline

Bathroom with natural textures and a relaxing ambiance

View of the top level lily pond and rooftop garden from the home office

Gorgeous lighting adds to the beauty of the master bedroom with lily pond outside

Stunning attic lily pond and master bedroom of the Singapore home

Floor plan of the basement of the modern Singapore home

First level living area floor plan of the Chiltern House

Second level of the gorgeous Singapore home with private quarters

Floor plan of the attic level with Lily pond and master bedroom

Sherry Nothingam
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