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Inspired, Small-Budget Contemporary Home with Efficient Sustainability

Rustic, modern, relaxed, functional, cheerful and charming; the Madison Residence in Kansas City is all that and a whole lot more. Designed by KEM Studio for a homeowner who is a creative spirit, this budget residence does its best to create a soothing setting that aids in the writing and musical enterprises of its owner. Spread across 1,200 square feet, the home boasts an overall form and unassuming interior that are defined by functionality and sustainability. Large windows bring in plenty of natural light and reduce dependence on artificial illumination, while warm wooden surfaces offer the perfect insulation.

Contemporary Madison Residence in Kansas City

The lower level of the house contains the living space, multiple workstations and a gorgeous kitchen with a versatile island at its heart. With two bedrooms and bathrooms, the focus here is firmly on making the best use of the available space while ensuring that one room flows into another effortlessly. Thanks to the large glass windows, the outdoors become a part of the interior, even as the neutral color scheme lets pops of curated red shine through.

Interior of the sustainable Kansas City Home

Lower level of the Kansas City home with ample natural light

Modern living area with workstation in the corner

Pops of red bring liveliness to the neutral setting

Ergonomic kitchen design that puts functionality ahead of form

Home workspace design that blends in with the kitchen

Minimal in its own comfortable way, the Madison Residence has an aura that is both rustic and modern at the same time. With ample space to entertain guests and host weekend parties, the house can quickly transform into a hub of activity and endless fun when needed. With the deft use of bookcases, floating shelves and wall-mounted cabinets, an air of spaciousness defines this lovely Kansas City home.

Cozy gray couch with red accents in the living area

Dining area of the home has an airy, cheerful ambiance

Wooden flooring and custom workstation of the Kansas City Home

Custom budget home design combines functionality and sustainability

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