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Sensational Serveware for Spring

There’s something about spring that brings out the urge to entertain. Luckily a range of exciting serveware pieces awaits us! From two-in-one serving dishes to trays that take modern design to a new level, today’s featured finds are unique in all the right ways. Read on for a glimpse at tabletop decor that’s every bit as artistic as it is functional… [serveware below from CB2]

Tableware from CB2

Serving Trays

Let’s begin with trays, as they have the power to stylishly reign everything in. For a serving tray that’s a true conversation piece, check out Grip by Finell. Besides the fact that the criss-crossing bands are awesome, they keep glasses in check, protecting against spills as you lower the tray to serve. Innovative AND cutting-edge!

Round banded serving tray by Finell

Grip also comes in a parallelogram form for a super-sleek presentation. Did we mention that Grip is crafted from powder-coated aluminum and silicon bands? As with the round tray above, this piece is available in both white and black.

Modern serving tray from Finell

If you love the parallelogram but you’re looking for a selection with fewer lines and colors, check out Finell’s Slide, which combines a wooden serving board with a removable quartz tray for a variety of configuration options!

Slide serving tray by Finell

Available through Gretel, these Nevis trays were designed by Bluebellgray for Ary. Watercolor style has never been so vibrant! Melamine-coated birchwood is the materials of choice, and no matter what you’re serving up, we know it will look fabulous against the backdrop of colorful brushstrokes:

Watercolor-style serving trays from Nevis

Dishes and Platters

We now move from trays to platters, and when you view the selections below, one thing becomes clear: sleek, clean-lined pieces are leading the pack! The Square Server from CB2 (holding the olives on the table below) is ideal for food pairings. A square-within-a-square concept makes this piece both practical and fun:

Clean-lined serveware from CB2

What about an oval within an oval?! This Universal Expert Olive Dish from West Elm is the perfect piece for serving items with discard-able parts (like shells and pits). Plus, the clean rounded form is ideal for the modern tabletop:

Olive dish from West Elm

West Elm’s Universal Expert Snack Platter is yet another piece that celebrates modular serving style. A beech wood platter and removable porcelain bowl elevate soups, sauces and dips to a new plane of food styling.

Modern snack platter from West Elm

While we see a variety of fabulous tableware from CB2 below, we’re zoning in on the Hex Marble Board at the center of the vignette. A beveled edge makes this hexagonal piece pop. If you’re looking for a richer tone, note that the serving board is also available in deep green!

Hexagonal serving board from CB2

Let it shine! This Stainless Steel Server-Plate from CB2 is as durable as it is eye-catching. Perfect for serving your favorite appetizers, both indoors and out:

Stainless steel platter from CB2

Speaking of metallics, the Marais Gold Glazed Oval Platter from DwellStudio is the epitome of elegant serveware. White porcelain and gold metallic glaze make a beautiful pairing, don’t you think?!

Glazed serving platters from DwellStudio

Marble and mango wood combine in these fish-shaped platters from Anthropologie. Cover them in delectable bites as you mix the perfect ingredients while showcasing them on a mixed-materials platter:

Mango wood and marble platters from Anthropologie

Serving Bowls

We end today’s post with a collection of bowls that will wrangle your party food in style! Finell’s Orb Bowl may be made of crystal, but it’s anything but fussy or formal. Add some modern elegance to your tabletop, and change it up by positioning the bowl at different angles on the metal base.

The Orb Bowl by Finell

Retro-meets-modern-meets-Scandinavian style is a signature trademark of ferm LIVING, and this colorful bowl (with the triangles, at the center of the image below) does not disappoint. Make it a part of your serving table by filling it with grapes, nuts or other treats. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe!

Serving pieces from ferm LIVING

For another amazing porcelain piece from ferm LIVING, check out the black and white bowl in the next photo. Another picture-perfect party piece, this item features a color scheme and modern pattern that can easily blend with other serving pieces you bring to your table:

Black and white serveware from ferm LIVING
Mud Australia’s Large Pebble Serving Bowl in Mist is available through Gretel. A matte exterior and glossy interior create an intriguing contrast. It’s hard to believe that something so beautifully crafted is oven-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe, but it’s true! The large bowl is shown on the table in the image below, but as you can see, Mud Australia offers a variety of other serving pieces as well…
Serveware from Mud Australia

Good things come in small packages! These Color Glaze Pinch Bowls from West Elm make serving condiments, spices and salts a snap! Plus, the burst of color created by the glaze brings a welcome dash of vibrancy to the table.

Pinch bowls from West Elm

Which of the serving pieces above is your favorite? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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