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Board: Space-Saving Kitchen with Versatile Cantilevered Workstation

The line between the living area and the contemporary kitchen is becoming more and more blurred with each passing day as designers are exploring new ways to create a fluid connection between the two. Responding to this need of seamless interactivity in small urban homes, Pietro Arosio has come up with the exquisite and scintillating Board Kitchen for Snaidero. Crafted to perfectly fit into even the tiniest of spaces, this adaptable and highly customizable kitchen features a trademark cantilevered workstation that is a true showstopper. The elegant workstation in Corian brings together form and functionality while fitting in with your fast-paced, contemporary lifestyle.

Combine the kitchen with the living area in a dynamic and stunning fashion with Board

The brilliant workstation at the heart of the kitchen gives any space it adorns an airy and cheerful appeal by making sure it occupies very little foot space. Turning even the tiniest shared kitchen in a small studio apartment into an absolute delight, Board aims to blend in with the ambiance of the living room while offering you an ergonomic design solution. Available in two different sizes of 90 cm and 120 cm, the workstation contains a sizeable two-tub sink area, a convenient snack top, a bin for organic kitchen waste and plenty of space for preparation, cooking and cleaning.

Glossy green units bring colorful allure to the kitchen

Fully equipped workstation Board from Snaidero

Gorgeous cantilevered kitchen workstation with breakfast area

Stylish kitchen workstation saves up on space even while providing unmatched functionality

Board kitchen design combines warmth of wood with red accents

Corain worktop is both sturdy and durable

Versatile kitchen compositions for the urbane home

Wall units and strorage spaces complement the sleek workstation perfectly

Its Corian build makes the worktop ultra-resistant to scratches and bacterial growth while making maintenance easy. The multi-functional worktop might be the star of the show here, but the accompanying storage units help truly complete your kitchen space, as they bring a diverse blend of highly customizable open shelves and closed units. Available in nearly 100 different colors and finishes, the choices are absolutely endless!

Walnut wooden storage units combine with sleek Corian suspended worktop in the kitchen

Funtional block of Board kitchen is both adaptable and customizable

Fabulous kitchen oak storage units with display space

Stunning floating kitchen workstation idea for the small modern home

Suspended design of the kitchen workstation saves up on precious foot space

Combine the inimitable Board workstation with your conventional kitchen

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