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Classy Contemporary Home with Sensational Laguna Beach Views

The seaside resort retreat Laguna Beach is renowned for its relaxed lifestyle, beautiful beaches, surf culture and sunny weather. Perched on a lot that offers a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous coastal getaway and the distant beaches, Ellis Residence combines magnificent views with a sleek and sophisticated lifestyle. Designing for a couple whose children had just moved out, the architects placed emphasis on creating a home that will serve its residents for decades to come. While the obvious allure of the dazzling home lies in its captivating views of the city and the coastline, the interior with its refined use of color and plush decor elegantly adds to the charm.

Entryway with water fetaure for the cool California home

Designed by McClean Design, the entrance of the house weaves through a lovely landscape shaped by a water feature and a stylish staircase. The unique entry leads to the lower level of the house that contains the guest rooms, office and storage, while the top level houses the living spaces and the master bedroom. By placing the living areas and master bedroom on one level, the idea was to minimize the movement between the two floors while giving those inside the house the best possible views at all times. A spacious garage is concealed below the lower level with a staircase and elevator providing access.

Water fetaure with stepping stones creates a unique and appealing entry to the Californian home

Exquisite living area with a view of Laguna Beach

Stunning living area with terrace and view of the distant beach

Contemporary kitchen in black and white with garden views

Dark shelves in the backdrop add sophistication to the sleek kitchen

Lovely staircase connects various levels of the house and the garage

Fabulous master bedroom offers sensational views of Laguna Beach

Lovely art work seems to complement the distant ocean making up the view!

Lighting fixture, color palette and the potted plant give the master bathroom an oreintal appeal

The open plan living area is unassumingly simple yet gorgeous and places emphasis firmly on the views outside. The addition of black to the color palette brings refinement, even as each space flows into the next. The kitchen is blessed with both garden and ocean views, while a large terrace effortlessly extends the living area in the other direction. Glittering chandeliers, smart ambient lighting and colorful wall art add to the polished atmosphere indoors.

Elegant and plush decor add to the ambiance of the living room

Sparkling cascading chandelier lights up the living area

Creative use of art work adds color to the dining room

Sensational view of Laguna Beach and the lving area from the kitchen

Sliding glass doors connect the bathroom with the bedroom

Landscape aroung the house with a small garden

Contemporary Ellis Residence in Laguna Beach, California

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