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Creativity and Cultural Heritage: The Nest House in Mexico

One defining factor that sets the best contemporary homes apart from the mundane and gives them an aura of their own is the presence of a ‘distinct personality’. With glass, metal and concrete being extensively used in shaping such structures, a sense of monotony and repetitiveness can set in pretty quickly. It is the ingenuity of the architects that shape these and the personal quirks that the homeowners bring to the design that truly define a chic, modern home. The fabulous Nest House by Gerardo Ars Arquitectura is one such exuberant home that stands out from the pack thanks to its unique silhouette.

Street facade of the Nest House in Alvarado, Veracruz

Located in the town of Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexico, the beautiful home is designed with the windy conditions of the region and the distant views of the Gulf of Mexico in mind. A perforated concrete screen is draped around the second floor of the residence, giving it a distinct appearance and a street façade that draws you in instantly. The perforated screen not only protects the home from gusty weather, but also brings in natural light while keeping away the heat in the harsh summer months. But beyond these obvious advantages, the screen also pays homage to the textiles made by the indigenous community of Chiapas by using repetitive geometric patterns.

Stylish contemporary facade of the Nest House

Concrete screen with pattern acts as a windbreaker screen

Smart, modern Mexican home with an efficient design

Spacious interiors of the Mexican home with ample natural light

Open interiors of the Nest House where one room flows into the next

Dividing coral wall adds pattern to the entrance

In fact, it is the blend of the cultures of Chiapas (region where the homeowners were born) and Veracruz that shape the overall appearance of the house. Apart from the perforated screen, features like a stylish wall divider at the entrance and a rooftop terrace with a covered area for hammocks also borrow from the past and the cultural heritage of the family. The interior of the residence uses a neutral color scheme with bright pops of green, red and yellow enlivening the living spaces. While the lower level houses the living areas, the top floor contains the bedrooms along with the master suite.

[Photography: Gerardo Robles]

Fabulous contemporary kitchen in white with a colorful backdrop

Sliding glass doors connect the interior with the terrace

Perforated concrete screen brings in ventilation even while offering privacy

Concrete screen helps protect the contemporary home from strong winds

Rooftop terrace with ocean view and covered aread for hammocks

With beautiful views of the curated gardens outside the house and the distant coastline, the home offers a relaxing retreat that is both cheerful and classy. The use of nostalgic and personal elements in the design adds to the overall ambiance while improving the functionality of the space. A home that reflects its residents to the fullest…

Holes in the roof mimic the shape and hues of pumpos

Unabated views of Gulf of Mexico from the rooftop

Natural gardens and unique design shape the landscape around the house

Perforated concrete screen brings privacy and efficiency to the house

Brilliant lighting and a pop of Orange enliven the exterior of the house

View of the stylish Mexican home from the street

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