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Tranquil Private Residence Combines Modern Design with Rustic Charm

Most often, the chalets that we discover are surrounded by the spectacular Alps and draped in luxury, or they offer unabated views of unending ski slopes in getaways such as Jackson Hole. But the Chalet Bolton-Est is a touch different from these usual opulent affairs. Designed by Boom Town and surrounded by a picturesque, serene landscape, this gorgeous private residence brings the timeless beauty of a woodsy chalet to the modern home. The twin roof design of the house gives it a unique façade and also keeps away excess sunlight during the summer months. Despite its cubic design and smart use of gray on the outside, there is still an unassuming rustic quality about the residence.

Beautiful Chalet Bolton Est in Quebec, Canada

The open plan living area is the obvious heart of the house, and large glass doors ensure that it’s connected with the elevated porch and the charming view outside at all times. The porch becomes a natural extension of the interior in the warmer months and offers a perfect vantage point from which one can overlook the mesmerizing woods and the distant pond. Carefully curated decor in the living area mixes vintage, rustic and modern elements seamlessly to give the home a unique, relaxed ambiance.

Exquisite modern residence combines privacy with lovely views of the woods

Gorgeous natural landscape around the exquisite Canadian home

Outdoor porch around the house and a touch of gray for the exterior

Twin structures and an old stone wall give the home rustic charm

Decor inside the chalet combines the rustic and the modern

Large glass doors connect the living room with the garden outside

Small open plan living area with serene, snug ambiance

Throw pillow with chevron pattern and candle lanterns shape a cozy reading nook

Vintage coffee table on wheels crafted from salvaged materials

A modern kitchen in black and white with a healthy dose of yellow and a smart dining room with lovely lighting complete this zone. Neatly tucked away on the top floor are the master bedroom and the bathroom, which use a simple, neutral color palette to create a relaxing atmosphere. Warm wooden surfaces add to the inviting, cozy vibe that Chalet Bolton-Est exudes.

Candles give the interior a warm, cozy appeal

Black and white kitchen with a pop of yellow

Dining room chairs bring a touch of modernity to the room

Lovely use of yellow to define and accentuate the kitchen

Wooden ceiling and faulous chandelier set the tone for the living area

Plush bedroom in white and gray

Bedside pendants and sleek side table make smart use of space

Bathtoom towel arrangement idea

White bathroom with black floor tiles and wooden vanity

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