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Urbane Outdoor Decor Collections Inspired by Scandinavian Minimalism

We might have just stepped into the New Year and many might still be recovering from the post holiday blues, but Tribu has already unveiled two hot new outdoor furniture collections that pave the way for a fun, comfy 2015. Dubbed Illum and Vintage, the 2015 additions to both of these fashionable lineups seem to draw their inspiration from the beauty of Midcentury design and timeless Scandinavian style. The Vintage collection, which was originally designed by Bram Bollen in 2007, gets a brand new makeover with two new versions of the outdoor chair, along with a curvy lounger and beautiful bar chair.

Vintage chairs in black add elegance to your outdoor dining space

Inspired by the spunk of the 70s, the original bucket seat of the Vintage chair has been kept intact, while the new legs in lacquered frame and teak add to the original series that used only a simple steel frame. But it is the flowing, minimal design of the Vintage lounger that steals the show even as its dirt-repellent, frost-proof frame ensures that you can leave it out on the pool deck all year long! Another sparkling series set to add flair to your outdoor lounge this year is the ILLUM, which uses aluminum-like sculpted wood to give a modern twist to the enduring Scandinavian design.

Vintage outdoor chair designed by Bram Bollen

Ultra-minimal design of the Illum lounger in black

Illum chairs exude a sense of Midcentury magic

Fabulous outdoor dining space next to the pool overlooking the ocean

Classy 2015 outdoor decor collection adds sleek style to the pool deck

Beautiful outdoor dining space and lounge

The series also features a smart outdoor table in two different sizes and a smart lounger that doubles as a sculptural addition. Perfect for small patios and balconies, the more modest version of the ILLUM table maximizes available space while giving the setting a spacious, airy look. A perfect way to dress up your patio or backyard with comfort and class!

Illum lounger stands as a sculptural addition on the pool deck

Sleek Illum Outdoor Table with classic Scandinavian style

Latest Vintage Collection of outdoor chairs from Tribu

Exquisite and curvy design of the Vintage Lounger 2015

Colorful shell of the lounger adds to your outdoor hangout!

Ergonmic and trendy design of the Vintage Outdoor Chair

Closer look at the classy Vintage outdoor chairs

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