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11 Dazzling Home Stages That Steal the Spotlight

Who doesn’t love putting on a show and being the ‘star’ of every party that they walk into? But you do not get to become a showstopper overnight. It takes practice, persistence and of course, plenty of luck and talent. And while we might not be able to help you with the luck and talent parts of the equation, we can sure suggest a way that you can get a whole lot of practice! In a world where spare rooms are being turned into gaming zones filled with hi-tech consoles, the ‘performance stage’ is both a unique and wonderful idea that sets your home apart.

Small playroom stage with beautiful design [Design: YES Spaces]

Home stages provide the perfect platform for everyone in the family to come together and have loads of fun while showcasing their hidden talents. Most home stages take up very little space, and they can be set up pretty much in any room of the house. Here are 11 of the very best that will hopefully inspire you to create a home stage as well. Enjoy!

For the Music Lover!

When we talk of stages, most often the mind immediately wanders to one filled with musical instruments for the rock star in the family. The kids’ bedroom here makes smart use of the available space by turning one side of the bedroom into a cool stage. The design of the stage is simple, elegant and modern, with the backdrop allowing it to blend with the rest of the room. A quiet little personal rehearsal space for the little musician at home!

Turn the kids’ bedroom into an inspirational stage! [Design: KannCept Design]

Not happy with the small stage in the kids’ room? Here is a more elaborate setup that brings the stage-like atmosphere without actually using an elevated platform. The design is snazzy and stylish with a painted skyscape in the background, giving the room a creative background. Just dim down the illumination and use a spotlight to further transform the ambiance.

Set the stage for the little star in your home [Design: Oakwood Homes]

A stage for the dedicated music room seems like a must-have after you take a look at this eclectic and exclusive space. With a wooden ceiling, exposed brick walls, colorful decor and spunky lighting, there is no shortage of glamour here! Borrowing from a cool pub-like ambiance, the simple stage becomes the focal point of the room instantly.

Elevate the appeal of the music room with a cool stage [Design: Tuthill Architecture]

Put on a Grand Show

From a rock and roll party to a Shakespearean play, this home theater and stage can host almost any event with ease! Located in the basement, it is indeed perfect for fun family time, and if you are too tired at the end of a long day, you can even easily switch over to watching the latest movie or two with ease. The projector screen moves up to make space for a grand stage on other occasions, and the plush seating only makes the experience all the more comfy.

Gorgeous home theater includes a stunning stage [Design: Media Rooms]

This is definitely our favorite home stage for a variety of reasons ranging from its smart design to unassuming simplicity. The family room is probably the best place for such a stage, and you can always move out the music instruments and make room for a charming magic show or two! When the stage is not being used to put on a stunning show, the room can easily be used for other tasks, making it a perfect idea for those with limited space.

Turn the family room into a fun hub with a simple stage [Design: Studio B Designs]

Who says home stages have to be extravagant affairs? At its core, this is a simple and beautiful home stage that is pretty easy to replicate. The real star here is the wall mural in the backdrop that completely transforms the look of the stage and gives it a Hollywood-esque aura! The use of black is another great way to usher in sophistication and glitz without too much fuss.

Add a touch of Hollywood charm to your eclectic home [Design: Laura Manning Bendik]

A Platform for the Budding Star!

Building a stage for your little angel is a task that is far easier than crafting one that meets the needs of the entire family. For starters, a home stage in the playroom takes up very little space, and all you need is an empty corner to get started. A simple platform, some curtains and the right theme will complete the setting. The basement playroom here adopts a magic castle theme, and the small stage in the corner is inspired by a jousting tent.

Basement playroom stage designed as a jousting tent [Design: YES Spaces]

Do not ignore the significance of drapes when shaping a small stage in the kids’ room. The one below is a perfect example of how even the tiniest of nooks can be transformed into a beautiful stage with the right use of drapes. Interestingly, the window nook in the backdrop holds additional seating and storage options as well, turning the stage into a perfect play-zone for kids.

Twin workstations flank the simple performance stage in the kids’ room! [Design: Organized Living]

Struggling to put that odd corner under the staircase to use? Maybe a small stage is what you need to revitalize that lonely corner. Classical in its appeal, the stage here leaves plenty of open space for an audience, and its curved design along with fabulous scarlet drapes turns it into the focal point of the room.

Smartly designed performance stage in the playroom takes up little space [Design: Glenn Robert Lym Architect]

The Broadway scene and movie biz have been all about seeing your name in glittering lights, and this stage uses the marquee beautifully to add the ‘it’ factor to the small stage in the girls’ room. The curtains here seem to extend the color scheme of the room, while the window in the backdrop offers ample natural light.

Girls’ bedroom with a cute little stage in the corner [Design: The Evans Group]

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