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DIY Painted Mason Jars with Multiple Uses!

Hello friends! I’m coming at you today with what is one of the easiest and most versatile DIYs I’ve ever tried, and I used one of the most popular items on the internet these days! Honest to goodness, you guys. This is a good one! And it happens to be great for any season, as you’ll see in a few moments. So what is it?

DIY painted mason jars

A DIY for Every Season!

As a Canadian, I love that these are made here and that one side is even in French (as is everything else in our country). But enough of that. Let me show you how these started out!

Materials needed for painted mason jars

Just like that. Plain old jars. Literally all I did was apply 2 coats of white paint to them all. No big secret, no complicated process. These Martha Stewart paints are good for a lot of surfaces, and glass happens to be one of them, so you don’t have to worry about the paint chipping off at all!

Let me show you a few ways I styled these once they were finished. First, there’s the look you saw at the top of the post – just a side table set up with some fresh flowers.

White mason jar vases

The paint is very matte, so these almost look like they’re made of porcelain or white clay. It becomes clear that they’re not made out of any of those things, however, if you choose to use these as candleholders!

Painted mason jar candle holders

There’s a really soft glow that comes from them, and the glass reflects the light inside. It’s so much nicer in real life than in a photo, and I can’t wait to use these everywhere!

Painted mason jar vases

Even if there are no candles inside, these still look great and a little like a collection when you get a few of them together like this. They’re the same, but they vary slightly in height, and the mouths are different widths, so it’s not like they all came out of the same box – that helps with the collection aspect!

DIy painted mason jar

Chic and Versatile

The other place I chose to use these was on a bedside table. I love having fresh flowers in the bedroom, and having them in a simple container is always my go-to, because then they don’t take away from anything else.

Painted mason jar bedside vase

I added a second jar as a candleholder, and you can really see the glow coming off of this one. I love the subtle lighting and this would be so great as a cluster or lined up at a dinner table!

DIY mason jar vase and candleholder

I love the mix of textures and that the white really goes with anything – refined pieces, rustic decor, warm or cool colors. These are really versatile decor items you can put anywhere!

Close-up painted mason jar

As my final option, I styled the jar on its own with nothing in it, though you can always leave a candle in there, just in case! During the day, though, the jar still looks great mixed with other decor items.

White mason jar styled on nightstand

So you can see how these will be great for the spring and summer, right? You can even take them outdoors with candles, but make sure to enjoy their glow indoors all fall and winter long!

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