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Versatile Kitchen Compositions Blend the Contemporary with the Classic

When we talk of stylish sophistication and modern kitchens, our mind always conjures up images of elegant, contemporary spaces with sleek decor and modular solutions. Changing this perception in a grand fashion with timeless design is the Montserrat Kitchen from Marchi, which combines state-of-the-art features and appliances with aesthetics that are inspired by the past. These lovely kitchen compositions bring together a beautiful blend of textures even as wood dominates the setting. With intricate details and amazing creativity, Montserrat turns your kitchen into a cool living area, a fun family gathering spot and also a gorgeous work area!

Exclusive Montserrat Kitchen from Marchi

Form and function go hand-in-hand with this elegant kitchen as the exclusive cabinets from Marchi, unique kitchen islands and chrome-plated metal surfaces give the space a unique aura. You can pick from a variety of compositions that range from the Americana and the retro to the eclectic and the transitional. Yet all the kitchens seem to blend in with a modern living area or dining space with ease, and white is the color that is used predominantly in each masterpiece. When it comes to the Montserrat, it is much more than the workstations and the cabinets that make it so unique; the kitchen brings along with it an inimitable personality!

Beautiful kitchen that is much more than a cooking area

Glass and stone give the kitchen an eclectic look

Metallic kitchen island with lots of storage space

Sleek and smart kitchen island with large pendants above

Turn the kitchen into a beautiful gathering spot

Wonderful use of black and white in the kitchen

Contrasting hues and textures used in the classic kitchen

Dark backsplash gives the kitchen a sophisticated vibe

Cafe style kitchen sehlves give the space a unique vibe

Designed to last for generations, smart lighting choices, the addition of a cozy fireplace and an ergonomic dining table turn these kitchens into the heart and soul of the home. And while achieving all that, the Montserrat still keeps you firmly connected with the nostalgic past…

Fireplace next to the small dining space in the kitchen

Industrial style lighting inside the Montserrat kitchen

Elegant countertops that complement the timeless style of the kitchen

Gorgeous classic kitchen with lovely use of wood

Metallic accents give the kitchen a modern appeal

Stylish blend of wood and stone in the kitchen

Subtle pattern of the cabinets give the kitchen a unique look

Unique chrome plated handles of the Montserrat Kitchen

Getting the space between the kitchen island and workstation right

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