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Innovative Contemporary Italian Kitchens Charm With Timeless Design

One of the defining qualities of a smart and handsome modern kitchen is the ability to make your life a lot easier and add visually to the appeal of our home. Val Design is renowned for producing some stunning contemporary kitchens that bring together the timeless brilliance of Italian craftsmanship and the necessities of the current urban lifestyle. Two new additions to their glittering collection are the Reef and the Forty/5, which offer streamlined design solutions to transform your kitchen into a happening, functional hub. Much like the gorgeous Grafica kitchen that we showcased earlier, this latest duo also seems to bring forth the idea of ‘minimal design and maximum efficiency’.

Classic decor additions and smart lighting shape small dining area in the kitchen

The Forty/5 compositions seem to have a touch of industrial charm with their brick backdrops and sleek lighting fixtures. Texture plays a pivotal role in shaping this innovative kitchen with the countertops, the kitchen island and the neat storage units presenting contrasting finishes that range from the matte to the glossy. The smart use of polished wooden doors gives these elegant kitchens a sense of inviting warmth, yet the clean, well-defined look is left untouched throughout. Wonderful LED lighting and the usual array of space-saving solutions from Val Design complete the Forty/5.

Unique modern kitchen composition witha  touch of the classic

Sleek pendant lights and unique backsplash for the kitchen

Space-conscious kitchen design with ample natural ventilation

Give your kitchen a sleek, minimalist appeal

A hint of red enlivens the smart, efficinet modern kitchen

Smart kitchen island with an extended serving area creates a beautiful social kitchen

Reef also has a very similar vibe to Forty/5, yet exudes a more contemporary appeal with its use of lacquered finishes. Smart dining areas, kitchen islands with extended serving stations that can be tucked away when not in use and bright pops of color set this uber-cool kitchen apart. A combination of open and closed shelves gives the Reef a relaxed, casual atmosphere, while its many modular solutions give even the tiniest of kitchens an airy appeal.

Intuitive and imaginative with a pinch of timeless Italian flair, here are two kitchens that promise to serve you for decades to come!

Extended kitchen counter with a step-up feature for the breakfast nook

Simple floating open shelves for the efficient contemporary kitchen

Glossy finish of the cabinets gives the kitchen a semi-minimal look

Elegant kitchen storage solutions built into the island

Posh kitchen island with ample storage space

Under counter LED lights help define the kitchen space better

Smart hidden shelves give the Forty 5 kitchen a unqiue appeal

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