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Bright and Cheerful Private Residence In Singapore With Nature-Inspired Design

When architects and designers take their cues from nature, the resultant house is often both unique and inviting in its ambiance. Combining natural goodness with contemporary brilliance in a stunning fashion is the 65BTP-House in Singapore by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd, which exudes an airy and brilliant appeal. The stylish private residence was built around an extensive garden where a giant pre-war rain tree remains untouched and the focal point is the vast outdoors. Creating a seamless transition between the indoors and the lovely garden and deck space outside, the house encourages its residents to spend more time outside than indoors!

Gorgeous 65BTP-House by ONG&ONG in Singapore

While the focus at the 65BTP-House remains firmly outside, the interior reflects the homeowner’s passion for nature and the effort of the architects to craft a residence that exudes this love. While the color scheme is kept largely neutral with white dominating the interior, the addition of smart wooden surfaces brings warmth and textural contrast instantly. A stunning spiral staircase adds to the sculptural appeal of the decor even as a lovely living area, kitchen, entertainment hub and dining room complete the lower level of the residence.

Sculptural art installations enliven the garden

Stylish contemporary home in Singapore with nature-inspired design

Beautiful tree steals the show in the vast backyard

Fabulous pool and deck space seems like a natural extension of the interior

Zen-like nooks next to the pool offer a tranquil retreat

Curated collection steals the show at this brilliant house

Elegant and exclusive living area of the 65BTP House

Unqiue and natural wooden coffer table idea

Stunning spiral staircase at the entrance of the house

Sculptural and iconic spiral staircase steals the show

The private spaces are housed on the top level that offers scenic views even as it opens up into the beautiful backyard. Relaxing nooks next to the pool, lots of greenery and a street façade that offers complete privacy ensure that this inimitable residence is transformed into a serene and tranquil hub with luxurious modern comforts!

Minimal modern kitchen and dining area with warmth of natural wood

State-of-the-art kitchen exudes sleek minimalism

A touch of natural charm in the contemporary bedroom

Spa-like contemporary bath with freestanding tub

Floating bathroom vanity and sink in the luxurious bath

Hard to miss the wall additions in this interesting entertainment room

Beautiful lighting and sculptural additions bring the backyard alive after sunset

Expansive pool and deck area of the luxurious Singapore Residence

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