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Historic Loft Brings Together Rich Heritage And Contemporary Comfort

Vancouver is home to some of the best industrial-style loft apartments on the planet, and today we have another gorgeous apartment that brings along with it a historic past. Located in the popular Crane Lofts On Betty Street in Vancouver, this beautiful apartment is spread across 773 square feet and combines its rich past with trendy modern additions and state-of-the-art appliances to fashion a unique and exclusive home. Detailed to perfection, contemporary finishes are seamlessly coupled with exposed brick walls and concrete, ceiling giving the apartment a chic industrial style.

Small and elegant living space and kitchen of the renovated Vancouver Loft

The Crane Lofts building was Vancouver’s first concrete and steel frame structure built in early 1900s and has housed Crane Plumbing for decades. It was only at the turn of the century that it was transformed into a residential building complete with modern amenities, parking and other facilities. Featuring a cool living area, contemporary kitchen, master bedroom and home office, the loft offers some lovely views of Vancouver and makes the best of every inch of available space. Additions like the wood butcher block-style kitchen island and the marble-clad bath blend luxury with functionality in an effortless manner.

Brick walls and exposed concrete preserve the original appeal of the renovated apartment

Space concsious decor and wall units bring in ample storage an display space

Elegant interior uses white walls to bring in a sense of modernity

Gorgeous vancouver Loft that was once a building that produced industrial plumbing!

Living area of the loft with brick walls and plush decor

Beautiful kitchen with exposed concrete ceiling and track lighting

Smart modern kitchen in white with an ergonomic wooden island

View of the open floor plan from the kitchen of the trendy Vancouver Loft

The master bedroom is separated from the living area using a wall with a one-way mirror that offers privacy while giving the space an airy appeal. Walls in white, unassuming decor and smart lighting add to this sense of visual lightness. An exposed brick wall in the living room and the concrete ceiling give the home a distinct identity while reminding the owners of its storied past.

Listed by Albrighton Real Estate, this $499,000 loft apartment is indeed a bargain buy, considering all that it brings to the table!

Ingenious glass partition between the living area and the master bedroom saves up on space

Simple and elegant decor give the small master bedroom a airy appeal

Master bedroom unit in white with a stylish bath

Spacious contemporary bath in black and white with a vanity that offers plenty of storage

Smart home office in the Flex area keeps away noise and distractions

Front facade of the iconic Crane Lofts in Vancouver

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