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Casa Piscucha Mesmerizes With A Sculptural Roof And Charming Terraces

Located in the lovely mountain landscape of San Salvador, Casa Piscucha is a striking holiday home that transports you to a world of relaxation and serenity. Greeting you with its distinct silhouette, the home’s unique roof was designed by Cincopatasalgato to offer ample shade and usher in some visual splendor. From a distance, the ingenious roof reminds us of Japanese origami creations and transforms the otherwise simple nature retreat into a dramatic, eye-catching structure that is set against an equally awe-inspiring tropical countryside.

Located in the Santa Tecla municipality, this is one vacation home that focuses more on the outdoors than the indoors. Spread across three different levels, the expansive home features breezy interiors that offer unabated views of the lush green mountains and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. The living room on the second level is connected with every other room, and the lovely terrace spaces around it become a natural extension of living area. A refreshing pool and a large deck allow you to enjoy the cool evenings and beautiful nights under the star-studded sky.

The color scheme of the house is kept simple and neutral with white and grey making their presence felt in every room. Plush furnishings complement a toned-down industrial style that ensures the house requires little maintenance compared to sleeker, more contemporary structures. Elegant and understated on the inside, expansive and theatrical on the outside; Casa Piscucha surprises you at every turn!

An assortment of green design concepts were integrated into the home, including floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light and cross ventilation, lead lighting with connections for the installation of solar panels, water treatment for the sewage, and a separate treatment for the rainwater. The wood utilized for the concrete pouring was reused for paneling outside the main bedroom.

Sherry Nothingam

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