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Six Spring Fashion Trends To Try At Home This Year

Fashion dictates so much in our society, and as we see trends happening on red carpets and runways all over the world, those same trends tend to make their way into our homes, and not just through our closets! Have you ever noticed that colors on the runway can be seen at your favorite home decor store almost immediately? I’ve happened to catch some transitioning trends myself, and so I thought I would share with you some of this year’s hottest spring fashion trends that you can have at home.

The Fringe Trend

Fringes are in this season, as are tassels. Expect to see them on clothing and accessories such as necklaces, earrings and even shoes. These examples also include other trends such as metallics and soft pink. [Via Fashionising]

Make your own tassels to use as decor and they become a piece of art. In this bedroom, you can see how the tassels are a feminine and soft touch in colors that are neutral, complementing the rest of the decor. They add great texture to a room as well! [Via Lonny]

The same style of tassels is used here but in a much more fun and decorative way. Tassels are a great DIY project for a special event at your home, or simply to draw attention to a fun area of the house, like the bar! [Via Scout Mob]

Slogans and Handwritten Text

This spring and summer, expect to see graphics come to life on t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters and sweatshirts. These will be slogans and made-up logos based on real brands, and the use of hand calligraphy on shirts will also be a big hit. [Via Fashionising]

The play on the phrase “J’adore” is very reminiscent of Dior’s slogan, and in gold, it’s as chic as Dior’s brand. The work done by Made By Girl also includes handwritten prints with French sayings, which is yet another part of the trend. Yep… French is a trend!


A pretty classic fabric, lace is making a comeback in both soft and darker pieces. The softer side of spring comes out in lace, and it’s very feminine, whether dark or light. [Via Fashionising]

Lace curtains make the spring breeze coming in feel a little nicer and warmer, don’t they? I say yes. With curtains like these, it can feel like spring all year round in your home, and you won’t lose any of that amazing light we have been getting thanks to the longer days. Win-win! [Via My Romantic Life Style]

A little romantic and a little rustic is always great in my book, especially if they are together! This extra-long lace table runner certainly brings the romance when paired with some candles and flowers, and the raw wood on the table adds the perfect dose of rustic charm! [Via Style Me Pretty]

Layering Sheers

We don’t often think of layers as something needed at springtime, but light layers are indeed a part of handling the potentially cold mornings and warmer afternoons, not to mention the very likely rain! Heavy layers can be saved for fall and winter, but in spring, light and sheer layers like these are perfection! [Via Fashionising]

Sheer panels don’t have to be solid – there’s no rule that says so! Why not have a little fun with a pattern like polka dots layered behind a heavier curtain? These two look perfect together and create a light-hearted feeling in the room, which is what we need for spring, anyway! [Via Pottery Barn]

Pattern play is great, but so is playing with texture. I love how these curtains all look completely different, yet belong together. The fabric on the ruffles is so light, and mixed with the other fabrics, this is a very versatile curtain – meaning this could belong in just about any room of your house! [Via A Beach Cottage]

Cowgirl-Inspired Trends

Brown, leather, fringe and studs. These are all things we can associate with a cowgirl. All together, these trends can be a bit much, but in small doses you can definitely get a Southern feel in your closet without looking like you belong at the rodeo! [Via Fashionising]

Using old, worn leather belts as part of the decor may not be something you jump at until you get a look at this vase. I love the texture of the different leathers coming together and the mix of soft flowers versus a harder look with the buckles showing. [Via Welke]

White leather, cowhide and a cactus. This look screams Southern gal, and yet it’s still so chic and modern. The chair is a major star, and becomes part of this cowgirl theme by being paired with cowhide accessories. The great thing about this is that the chair can really go anywhere! [Via Modern Findings]

The Floral Trend

Not exactly a surprising trend for Spring: flowers. This year it seems that flowers are making a statement by being showcased in bold prints and mixed with other floral prints. Be bold and go floral! [Via Fashionising]

This pillow is nothing if not bold and powerful. The mix of colors from yellow to emerald to pink and red could be disastrous, but it is actually so beautiful. This would be a great pillow both indoors and out to add a pop of color to your space. [Via Whitlock and Co.]

Quite possibly my favourite floral pattern ever, this bathroom is the chicest, most luxurious space in this dark print paired with white and gold accents. The light fixtures and mirror are perfection, and though this print is dark, the room feels light with the pops of white on the flowers in the wallpaper. [Via Amber Interiors]

Have you ever given thought to looking to fashion for trends that can come into your home? Or do you think that it’s the other way around? Is fashion inspired by home decor trends? I’d love your thoughts on this!

Thalita Murray

Thalita is a school teacher by day, fierce DIY'er by night. Her fuel of choice is ice cream (preferably chocolate) and you can always find her daydreaming of her next DIY project, scouring the aisles at IKEA, antique-hunting or cuddling with her adorable pup. She's also constantly glued to her phone, feeding her obsession with Instagram, of cours[...]

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