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Egyptian Sandstone Repurposed for Elegant Home Flooring

Are you tired of seeing the same flooring options recycled again and again? While most of us are looking to find the silver lining when choosing between real hardwood or cushiony carpet, there lies a third option that could dissolve the mundane flooring designs before your eyes. Though I am not one of the lucky few who owns a home that features sandstone flooring, that doesn’t prevent me from appreciating its subtle beauty.

If kitchen countertops can be handcrafted to perfection out of granite, then why can’t the floor beneath our feet be fashioned in the same manner. Today’s post will cover all the must-have sandstone flooring designs, and a few suggestions that will excite you about adopting this raw material into your home.

A Shift Towards Sublime Decor

The beauty of sandstone flooring lies not only in its creamy beige color, but also in its exceeding versatility, especially when it comes to creating a romantic feel in the room that is suitable for a variety of decor themes, ranging from bold eclectic to modern minimalist.

All Natural Stone

Sandstone flooring can be polished to give a particularly charming glow. The bathroom setting above makes use of the flooring’s semi-reflective surface to complement the darker tones of the walls; and instead of creating a dark zone impenetrable by light, the bathroom alternates from moonless to luminescent in relation to where you are standing.

Andreozzi Architects

You can also add bits of color like what the designer did for the bathroom above. Small tiles of cyan complement the neutral tone of the sandstone quite nicely.

Cornerstone Architects

Matte surfaced flooring as shown above is the more common look of sandstone. It is a timeless look that is easy on the eyes, and it can create a wonderful serene atmosphere for modern homes.

Texturized Sandstone Flooring

The reason why so many designers take pleasure in incorporating stone elements in the home is primarily because these raw materials display textures that are exceedingly attractive.

Genesis Architecture

This marble-like sandstone flooring has been treated to give off a distinctive shine. Its splattered gradient texture adds an astonishing amount of energy that brings the eco-friendly home to life.

Of course we can’t forget about the ultra-reflective finish of stone flooring. The living room above is an iconic demonstration of how sandstone floorings can be attractive even if the room is arranged with minimal effort.

Lapcinda Stone Group

It’s nice to see the pristine side of sandstone flooring, but the other face of this natural element is just as appealing. When sandstone is untreated, it gives off a rustic feeling that tends to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Do you like it?

Clean and Polished

From natural rustic to machine treated, sandstone takes on many characteristics, and depending on the designer’s treatment technique, the stone’s many impressions are endless in possibility.

Luisa Interior Design

If you fancy sandstone tiles, then perhaps the bathroom flooring selection above will leave you excited about your own design endeavors. And if we were to figure in costs, assembling sandstone tiles would be cheaper than installing a one-piece look.

Maxwell and Company Architects

Quezada Architecture 

Quezada Architecture

A Range of Color

Colored sandstone is not hard to come by, thanks to advancements in technology and design techniques. If you desire a wine-colored floor, then simply voice your thoughts and snap your fingers – nothing is impossible. Here are three popular shades of flooring that are often selected by homeowners and designers alike.

Slifer Designs

First, we have a creamy beige sandstone. This calming color is great for kitchens, living rooms, and even the backyard patio.

Taylor Lombardo Architects 

Deeper shades of brown, and sometimes red, are ideal for living rooms and home studies, purely because this romanic color creates an unforgettable and nostalgic atmosphere.

The Construction Zone LTD.

Last but certainly not least, a simple shade of brown will create an excellent mood for all those eating and relaxing in the room.

Sandstone flooring has become a favorite of mine, and I hope it has become a top choice for you too. Don’t forget to share what you like about sandstone floors below…

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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