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Luxurious Casa L Showcases Beautiful Lake Views And A Bold Interior

It was just a couple of days ago that we brought you the stunning Houze Maza from Valle of Bravo in Mexico, and today we revisit the region to look at another amazing holiday retreat that promises an equally mesmerizing experience. Designed by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos, Casa L is for those who love a balanced blend of natural goodness and interiors that borrow from the trendy industrial style. Built across an area of 1,117 meters, the contemporary house features three expansive levels that offer unobstructed views of the refreshing green canopy outside. Functional and versatile at every level, Casa L is green in more ways than one.

Casa L by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Unlike many other contemporary getaways, Casa L takes a completely different approach toward the design of the interior. Comprised of materials such as raw casted cement, granite and recovered wood, this residence showcases plenty of textural contrast, even if the color scheme seems a touch monochromatic at times. The decor is still kept largely modern, and there seems to be greater emphasis placed on the exterior than on the interior. Large glass walls, sweeping windows and swivel doors blur the lines between the expansive wooden deck outside and the large living room. Posh outdoor furniture and cool lighting ensure that you have a great time here, even after sunset.

The use of concrete and stone also keeps the gorgeous Casa L a lot cooler during the hot summer months and helps cut down on the energy bills. The use of reclaimed wood is obviously another sustainable feature of the house that captures your attention. Exclusive and exceptional, it is a holiday residence that allows you to reconnect with nature!

Living room of Casa L in Mexico

Lavish living area of Casa L

Smart lighting takes over after sunset

Spacious dining room with a view of the lake

Large glass doors and walls of the Holiday House

Lavish deck space with views of Lake of Valle of Bravo

Luxurious outdoor furniture on the spacious deck

Sculptural lighting on the wooden deck

View of lake at Valle of Bravo from Casa L

Valle of Bravo, in the estate of Mexico, is famous for its lake and the wonderful landscape that surrounds it. Its privileged location and the good climate all year long has turned it into a favorite destination for weekends and holidays homes. House L is a great example of the new projects that have been developed in the area.

Concrete and stone walls of Casa L

Colorful seating and a spacious interior

Interior that combines rustic and minimal styles

Large pendant lights illuminate the corridors

Contemporary bathroom at Casa L

Wooden vanity and glass shower cubicle

A view of the living room from the entrance

Staircase leading to the bedrooms

Parking space of the stylish holiday house

Beautiful canopy that surrounds the house

Lovely facade of Casa L in Mexico

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