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Spring Cleaning Tips And Makeover Ideas For Your Yard

I’m getting ready to begin some major spring cleaning at my house! Kate here, and when it comes to refreshing my space, I often start with the outdoors. It’s been a cold winter–one of the coldest in years. Let’s just say that the plant life in my backyard has suffered more than usual over the last few months, despite my efforts to protect it during the chilly weather. In fact, the entire yard could use a tune-up. [from Hill Mitchell Berry Architects

Green grass returns

It’s exciting to see the green grass coming in! This seasonal signal let’s me know that the coldest days are in the past. Do you remember when I blogged about preparing my yard for fall back in September? Today we take a look at some easy spring cleaning tips and makeover ideas for your outdoor spaces. I intend to follow all of the steps below in my own yard, and I promise to share the results. Until then, feel free to make over your yard using the suggestions that follow…

Remove Dead Leaves, Stray Branches and Other Debris

Start by taking a look around your yard. Chances are, there are leaves to be blown, branches to be removed, and possibly even some trash to be disposed of. Envision a clean, uncluttered space to stay focused on the end goal: a gorgeous yard that’s ready for spring! [from Little Miracles Designs]

Beautifully manicured compact yard

Don’t forget about all of your outdoor spaces, from the backyard to the front walkway. Needing some extra motivation to get started? Consider hiring a yard maintenance service/company to get the ball rolling. For as little as $30, your yard can receive a tune-up to get things moving in the right direction (including leaf removal and a basic mow). [from Modern Landscaping Inc.]

Clean walkway lined with plants

Prune Your Bushes and Plants

When you take a quick inventory of your yard, do your eyes travel to the dead bushes and dying plants? You’d be surprised at how some basic pruning can breathe new life into your greenery. [from God’s Growing Garden]

Pruning bushes

Consult an expert for the proper pruning techniques to follow, which will vary based on the plant in question. For example, I have a plumbago bush in my backyard, and it’s absolutely lifeless. I found this SFGate article to be amazingly helpful in guiding me to clean up this wilting eyesore and encourage some beautiful regrowth in the months that follow. I’m hoping for a fabulous end result… [from The Wishful Live Oak Gardener]

Healthy plumbago plant

With the dead portions of plants cut back or removed, the living plants in your yard will take on a new beauty. You may even be inspired to do some new planting to enhance your outdoor space! [from Modern Landscaping Inc.]

Flowering plants along a white fence

Assess the Layout of Your Yard

With the debris and dead plant matter out of the way, you can now focus on the space at hand. Consider the layout of your yard, from the walkways and seating areas to the lawn and the bushes. [from Texas Construction Company]

Beautifully designed backyard

Is there gravel that needs replenishing? Are there new areas where gravel could be helpful, especially if grass in that space continues to die? Are there other areas of the yard where stepping stones would be helpful? [from Allen Associates Construction]

Small yard with gravel and stepping stones

Is there a better place in the yard to situate your outdoor dining table? These types of changes are ideal for spring, before the weather gets so hot that moving around heavy pieces or embarking on involved projects becomes tedious. [from Modern Landscaping Inc.]

Graveled dining area

Enhance Your Landscaping

Take a good look around. If you had to uproot or cut down dead plants, now is the time to replenish them with new selections. I moved into my home this past June, and I added some native grasses and other plants to the front yard. Not all of them made it through the winter. I’ve taken note of the more resilient plants, and I intend to fill any empty spaces with these hardy selections. Live and learn, right? [from Arterra Landscape Architects]

Native grasses in a modern yard

I also planted lots of cascasding Silver Falls dichondra in my front yard, so it would create a waterfall effect on the terraced portions of the landscaping. The bad news: this dichondra did not survive through the winter. I’m trying to decide whether to plant more (it was an unusually cold winter, and I’m hoping for better luck next year) or to go with something new. Either way, I look forward to embellishing my front yard with interesting colors and textures, thanks to some strategic plant selections. [from Big Red Sun]

Layers of detail in the landscape

Refresh Your Planters

While many of us don’t have large yards to landscape, we likely have room for planters. Even balconies and rooftop gardens can revel in the beauty of containers filled with carefully selected plants that complement the space. [from Little Miracles Designs]

Hanging plants in modern containers

Just as you did with your yard, remove any dead plants from their containers and purchase replacements. Now might be a good time to switch out plants that aren’t thriving and replace them with new selections. [from Amber Freda Home & Garden Design]

Planters filled with manicured greenery

Are there potted plants that need pruning and trimming? Can you afford to purchase a new pot? Perhaps your yard could benefit from a “conversation piece,” like the rust-colored plant in a matching planter below. [from Amber Freda Home & Garden Design]

Artful planters on a rooftop garden

See the Silver Falls dichondra cascading down the edges of the elevated planters below? Perhaps this plant does better in planters than in the ground, as the planters can easily be covered with a frost blanket during any future cold snaps! I think I know just the backyard planters where my Silver Falls will thrive! [from Big Red Sun]

Silver falls dichondra in unique planters

Speaking of interesting planters, don’t hesitate to choose items that reflect your style, such as the planters below with Mid-century flair. These fabulous selections come from Hip Haven. [from Tara Bussema]

Succulents in Mid-century planters

We end with a quick reminder to take pride in every square inch of your yard, even if it’s a compact one. Don’t worry about what your neighbors are doing in their spaces. And don’t think that your yard is too small to landscape. As the yard below proves, you can still make some fabulous design decisions in a tiny outdoor space. [from Little Miracles Designs]

Take pride in every square inch of your yard

I don’t know about you, but today’s featured images really got me in the mood to garden! I can’t wait to start cleaning and enhancing my yard. I promise to blog about the experience in the weeks that follow and keep you posted on any big changes. Happy planting!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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