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Try These Easy DIY Decor Projects For A New Look At Home

Sometimes the biggest changes can come from the smallest statements. Sure, giving a room in your home a floor-to-ceiling makeover is one way to turn heads, but an eye-catching piece of decor can make all the difference on a high-profile piece such as a console table. And if your minimalist bathroom needs one special countertop accent, an item of smaller proportions will do the trick. That’s why today we’re highlighting easy DIY decor projects that offer an affordable way to make a big difference in your home, even on a small budget!

DIY Candleholder Projects

Before we get started, we’d like to note that each and every project in today’s post was chosen for its accessibility and style. If it’s not something we’d take the time to make, we didn’t include it. In fact, this Painted Candle Holder featured at Ampersand is one of the more involved featured projects. Yet with one trip to the craft store and the right drill bit, you can create a gorgeous finished product, as shown below. Well worth the time and effort!

DIY painted candleholder

Aren’t these DIY Painted Votive Holders delightfully geometric? Painter’s tape helps achieve precise edges, and don’t forget that you can use the design below as a jumping off point for creating the look of your choice. Check out a full tutorial (including a helpful video) at Ruffled.

DIY painted glass votives

There’s something modern yet ornate about these DIY Laced Cement Votives. The result: a unique blend of bold statements and subtle flourishes. Cement, disposable containers and sticker tape are a few of the supplies you will need to have on hand. Check out all of the DIY details at Say Yes. We think these DIY votives would add just the right touch to any tabletop or shelf in your home.

DIY cement votives

DIY Planters

Planters hold greenery that refreshes our interiors by improving air quality and adding a dash of natural style. But instead of putting your plants in just any pot, why not take this design opportunity to make a big impact? This Geometric Globe Planter project from A Beautiful Mess made a big impression on us. For starters, we love how a store-bought piece of decor was transformed into a modern statement with the help of a gold can of spray paint. We also love the way the faceted design of this decorative item is very on-trend. Let’s hear it for geo style!

Gold geometric planter

These DIY Gold Leaf Cement Pots from Ruffled create a silver-meets-gold effect, thanks to their gray tone and gold-leaf accents. Having containers for molds and a gold leaf kit on hand is essential for carrying out this project. But the end result makes it all worthwhile…

Gold leaf cement planters

Decoist recently featured an original DIY project for spring. Check out the full tutorial for our Two-Tone Painted Pots. Painter’s tape, sponge brushes terracotta pots and the paint colors of your choice will get the job done. This project is easy and fun–the perfect way to dress up pots that you want to display both indoors and outside.

two-tone geometric pots

DIY Vase Projects

Another popular tabletop item? Vases! The only thing more interesting than a beautifully designed vase is a beautifully executed DIY vase project. These DIY Paint-Dipped Pots from IKEA illustrate how a bit of paint can be used to personalize the vase of your choice. The result: a Moroccan effect that transforms each piece into a striking design statement. The vases in the image below use IKEA’s Seabuckthorn pots as the starting point:

DIY paint-dipped pots

Now that geometric designs are all the rage, painting decorative items such as vases doesn’t seem quite so intimidating. After all, geo patterns are fairly easy to create, yet they pack a powerful punch. Straight lines, curves and angles have never been so stylish. For a project that brings bold forms to a glass surface, check out this DIY Striped Painted Vase tutorial from I Spy DIY.

DIY geometric vase

For another take on the enhanced glass vase, take a look at this DIY Gold Leaf Vase tutorial from Say Yes. Gold leaf sheets make the project super easy to complete, and the result is an elegant receptacle that celebrates the current revival of warm metallic tones.

DIY gold-leaf vase

Our last featured DIY project doesn’t involve paint–it utilizes rope! Glass bottles, scissors, quick-hold glue and rope or yarn are all you need to make an earthy statement with these DIY Rope Vases. Check out the full tutorial at Green Wedding Shoes.

DIY rope vases

Do you think you’ll be trying any of today’s featured projects? If you do, let us know how it goes in the Comments section below. And stay tuned for another original Decoist DIY post next week. Until then, happy crafting!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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