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Inspired Stainless Steel Kitchens

There’s been talk lately that stainless steel appliances are on their way out. Is it true? Well I can’t say for sure, but what about stainless steel kitchens? Yes, as in the kitchen cabinets and everything. Not sure how to feel about them? Maybe a few pictures will help you make up your mind and perhaps even fall in love with this take on sleek kitchen cabinetry.

Traditional Stainless Steel Kitchens

You can just imagine this kitchen with a white finish, as its traditional legs and even the faucet are not entirely modern. The stainless steel, however, gives this traditional look a very contemporary flair.

Traverse City Architects & Designers Lankford Design Group

It’s almost easy to overlook the fact that this kitchen is full of stainless steel. The details in the ceiling and upper cabinets are very much traditional, but this kitchen comes into the 21st century when we look at the countertops and lower cabinetry, which are all stainless steel and yet fit in perfectly with the more traditional pieces.

Beach Style Kitchen by Portland Architects & Designers

Another example of great use of lower cabinets in a traditional kitchen. Here, there is much less stainless steel, but it works so well with the cool colors throughout the kitchen, like the backsplash and the glass on the doors. The grey on the island also pulls the silvery hues together very nicely!

Transitional Kitchen by Newport Beach Architects & Designers

There is no doubt that this kitchen is stunning, and the mix of modern and traditional is so seamless! The center cooking area looks like it belongs in a professional chef’s kitchen, and the stove blends right in with the cabinets. The result: the island stands as a whole, like a kitchen within a kitchen. Even the cabinet pulls match the handles on the oven – it’s brilliant.

by Morristown Architects & Designers Passacantando Architects AIA

Contemporary Stainless Steel Kitchens

Stainless steel is anything but dull, and the spaces below are proof that covering your kitchen in it might just actually be a great idea! This kitchen has no shortage of the color grey, but the knobs on the stove pop right out and bring a little life to the stainless steel. Upper cabinets with glass doors open up the space and makes it feel even lighter.

by New York Architects & Designers Eisner Design LLC

This has to be one of the lightest and airiest kitchens I have ever seen. It’s almost difficult to imagine cooking actually happens in this beautiful space! The mix of white, steel and natural wood is super refreshing, and the lightness of the upper cabinets makes the ceilings look even higher:

Modern Kitchen by New York Architects & Designers SLADE ARCHITECTURE

Somehow upper cabinets are not missed in this large, ultra modern space. It’s also kind of amazing how many different materials are used in this one room. The stone wall gives off the perfect glow in this kitchen, and the stainless steel cabinetry and countertops add a touch of glimmer, too!

by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Chloe Warner

The brushed steel is a refreshing look for the stainless steel kitchen, which almost looks white with the light shining on it. The beauty of this design is in the subtlety of the mixture of materials. The wood cabinetry almost seems out of place until you notice the huge pantry to the left and it all comes together.

by Washington Architects & Designers Hamilton Snowber Architects

The mix of stainless steel and natural stone is really effortless here since the marble’s grey tones match the cabinets so perfectly. The touch of fun brought into this otherwise serious space via the chandelier above the table is so refreshing!

by Minneapolis Architects & Designers ALTUS Architecture + Design

Modern Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchens

Super high ceilings, wooden beams and some super simple lighting make for a super cool kitchen in this home. The simplicity of the white wall with a plain clock on it is actually quite lovely, since we usually expect upper cabinets where those windows are. Also, did you notice the floors? Concrete has never looked so good!

by New York Architects & Designers kimberly peck architect

This space is just beyond cool, and I can’t even imagine this kitchen with any other cabinets other than stainless steel! I’m loving the contrast with the black-framed windows and the lighting. The island looks as if it floats in the middle of the room and the open shelving definitely helps with that.

by Portland Architects & Designers Emerick Architects

Exposed brick and stainless steel – who would’ve thought? Notice that there are over 5 different finishes here, but somehow it all comes together and just works. Exposed brick is pretty much always a good idea, and that’s certainly true in this kitchen!

by Huntington Interior Designers & Decorators AMI Designs

This loft-style kitchen is so simple and so beautiful! The simplicity of the materials used makes a stunning combination, and the whole space flows around the sleek kitchen. Also, more exposed brick, though this time painted white, serves as a beautifully textured background.

by Brooklyn Photographers John Muggenborg – Architectural Photography

I hope these kitchens have inspired you and perhaps even convinced you that stainless steel cabinetry doesn’t just belong in restaurant kitchens. In fact, stainless steel can be a beautiful part of your home!

Thalita Murray

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