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Creative Succulent Planter Ideas

As soon as November hits, I can’t help but go into gifting mode. I’m constantly on the hunt for little treasures I can make and buy to give as holiday presents. Yes, I said it — holiday! Okay, so it may be a little bit early to go into holiday gift-giving mode, but if you’re like me and you make some of your gifts, you can’t wait until the last minute. Which is why yesterday when I was reading a Decoist post on this gorgeous Montana luxury ski resort by Len Cotsovolos, I couldn’t help but notice the amazing stone-like planters in the bathroom below…

Plantscapes and mineral samples

I was instantly drawn to their shape, as well as the way they integrated so beautifully with the mineral specimens nearby. I realized that several of my nearest and dearest family members love succulents and enjoy creating unusual arrangements. So I began a little hunt for succulent planter gift ideas! In today’s post, I’ll show you what I discovered. Succulents are low-maintenance, and they thrive both inside and outdoors, making them the perfect natural wonder to bestow on the people you love. Hopefully the roundup below will inspire your gardening endeavors, your interior arrangements, and maybe even your holiday gifting agenda

Stony Succulent Planters

I’ll admit it–I’m a DIY girl! But when I set my sights on the stony planters in the image at the top of today’s post, I couldn’t help but wonder how inserting succulents into stone was possible. Drilling a hole in rock isn’t the easiest task for the at-home crafter. Which got me thinking about molding the planters from clay, which could be amazing. Yet I wondered if anyone was selling stone-like planters online. Bingo! The planter below is available through Simply Succulents. If I purchased a planter, I could then focus my DIY energy on creating the perfect arrangement…

Stone succulent planter

Like the planter above, this Large Garden Stone Kit from Simply Succulents is so popular that it seems to be temporarily out of stock. But I’m going to keep checking back, because the kit is extremely affordable, and it would add such an unusual touch to an indoor space. Or be the perfect centerpiece for an outdoor table!

Garden stone succulent kit

I LOVE the DIY idea below, because it’s highly affordable, easy to execute, and absolutely gorgeous. Many bricks have built-in holes. Why not fill them with some potting soil and your favorite succulent plant? Seriously! Another idea: put a succulent in one hole and a candle in the other. Don’t you love super-stylish DIY ideas that can be completed in minutes?! [from Boat People Boutique]

Brick succulent planter

Amazing Arrangements

I can’t decide whether to keep my succulent arrangements simple (with more of a focus on the planters themselves) or to go all out with a plantscape that looks like a work of art. Some key ingredients for unforgettable arrangements: driftwood, succulents (of course!), moss and air plants. I love how certain vignettes use the natural holes of driftwood as little planting spaces! If there aren’t any holes in the wood, you can make your own with a drill. For more details on this arrangement, check out Steven Bruce Design:

Stunning succulent arrangement

I’ve also drawn a ton of inspiration from the centerpiece below, which is a feast for the eyes. I really love the way two different types of gravel are used, and even the placement of pebbles is artistic. Also note how plants of various height and color are used to create a diverse display. For more on the art of succulent arrangements, head on over to Ryan Prange

Gravel, succulents and air plants

The Many Facets of Succulent Arrangements…

Remember the stone planter and mineral image at the top of today’s post? I just can’t stop thinking about the beauty of that vignette! Which is why I thought it was appropriate to end today’s post with a collection of succulent planter ideas that incorporate a bit of faceted style. The gemstone look! This next outdoor arrangement from Big Red Sun is rich in color and texture. Note how turquoise glassy specimens sparkle in the sunlight along with the fresh greenery…

Succulent planter with glassy details

This next DIY idea is a Hexagon Planter Box from Pepper Design Blog. There are detailed instructions on building the box from scratch and adding the hexagon shapes to the design. But also note that this contemporary project can be adapted in a variety of ways. For example, you could purchase an affordable planter, then create a hexagon stencil that allows you to paint the geometric design on the surface of your choice! And note how the hexagonal shapes below evoke the symmetry of crystals and other natural wonders…

Hexagon planter box

Oh how I love facets! And they’re definitely in style, thanks to a variety of decorative items in geo forms that are readily available for purchase. Geometric decor is definitely “in” right now, and they pack a heavy dose of modern indie style. These Faceted Wood Planter Polygons from Etsy shop This Fine Day Home make the perfect little gifts, especially when filled with a stunning succulent. Or three!

Faceted wooden gem planters

If you’re a fan of origami, you’ll love this DIY Potted Gold Succulent project created by Carly of Chic Steals. Not to mention, your giftee will love that this special item requires no maintenance. The succulents are faux, and they’re beautifully embellished with liquid guilding. The planters are made from cardstock. Yes, cardstock,in a fabulous origami design. This is the perfect holiday gift idea to create in multiples. Check out all the details at Domestic Slice.

Gold succulent origami planter

Since we’re on a shimmering gold tangent, our final featured succulent planter is created with the help of PVC pipe end caps and gold spray paint. So affordable. So modern. So fabulous! And they combine two of my favorite qualities: metallic shine and green succulents. A full DIY tutorial can be found at The Happier Homemaker:

PVC pipe succulent planters

I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning from today’s creative ideas! I can’t decide whether to craft my succulent gifts from one of the DIY tutorials above, or to use them as inspiration to create a little DIY project of my own. I’ll keep you posted…

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