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The Nudist Home: 3 Ways of Exposing True Architectural Beauty

Layered clothing, layered cakes, layered salads, layers of foundation. Seasonal changes bring with them the maternal instincts of encouraging layering; of bundling up. Until now!

Stripping back the pretentions all in the name of purity, these bare bones of architecture are getting their stake in the field of design and you can bring it to your own field; the home front, as we explore ways to recover the organic roots for inspiration.

Exposed Brick Floors

Instinctually we feel compelled to begin with the bricks and mortar of a project. And this time we really are working with the bricks and mortar. The very raw core for home dwellers and other occupants will be appreciated when they can see more intimately the structure of a building’s architectural frame. It represents not just strength but stunning craftsmanship from a mason.

brick flooring

old brick flooring

repurposed brick flooring

Thanks to Jo at DesireToInspire for finding these beautiful old brick floors in a home in Annandale, Sydney.

flooring made of bricks

Before you passionately take sledgehammer and insert into drywall, one design whose house we catch a glimpse inside from its debut in the real estate market foregoes the expected exposed brick wall for something we can stamp our unique footprints all over.

Exposed Copper Pipes

From ceilings to sinks, plumbing and air ducts have just been granted a well-deserved washing. The industrial look of visible pipe -whether copper or painted –affixed on our side of the wall can be added as customizable shelving, closet fixtures, stairway railing and as mentioned the bathroom and kitchen’s waterways can be elevated using this open air concept. A design like this is most found when a warehouse evolves into an awe-house.

diy light fixture from copper pipes

A ceiling light fixture from copper pipes fashioned by designer Daniella Witte

exposed copper pipes as pot holder

Hungry for a DIY project that will give you more space for your pots? The Swedes did it (via Bostad) and we think it looks amazing.

exposed copper pipes as shelves

Have you ever dared to think about turning copper pipes into shelves? Magnus Reed did in his home (via Freunde von Freunden)

Quick Tip! If you notice pipes behind sealed walls making their presence through watermark stains, sagging ceilings, moldy corners or hissing this could be a serious symptom of leakage. Don’t DIY when your pipe may DIE. Call your plumber immediately!

The Beauty of Exposed Beams

Let’s say your dream house has been erected with generous vertical dimension. There’s a great way to address this heightened space without obscuring the intent of impact. Invite some character in your inspired room by building wood accents and faux beams if originals do not exist. While every house has its necessary support beams, not all have the essence worth unearthing, but adding wood or metal elements to install a bespoke pattern can help direct eyes upward to partake in a rustic Michelangelo worthy parody.

industrial living room with exposed wooden beams

Image courtesy of C O N T E N T Architecture

eclectic living room with exposed beams

Image courtesy of California Home + Design

white wooden beams for home

Image courtesy of Andrew Snow Photography

grey exposed beams

kitchen with wooden exposed beams

Image courtesy of Alexandre Parent (Ecologia Montreal)

exposed beams living room

Image courtesy of Build LLC

Feeling ready to reinvent your home with a buff theme?

What’s next for you?

Momina Khan
From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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