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High Tech Elevators of the World

When we think of elevators, we generally think of the enclosed box that takes us from one floor to another. With the old-style Muzak “elevator music” calmly annoying the senses, we are usually glad to arrive at our destination.

We at Decoist have found some truly wonderful elevators throughout the world that are just jaw dropping in their design and engineering. Just sit back and enjoy these high tech elevators. Enjoy the ride!

Oriental Pearl

Located within Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Shanghai, The Oriental Pearl is one of the world’s tallest television towers. The double-decker elevator can support around fifty people.

The elevator travels at a breathtaking 23 feet per second for a quarter of a mile. Acrophobia sufferers should skip this tourist attraction or at least look straight ahead as the floor is transparent.

Oriental Pearl 01

Pictures via CSUS China Trip 2011

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Berlin

The Carlson Rezidor Hotel in Berlin has some unique branding on their elevators.  Bright displays on the underside of their elevators advertise the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group and Heat, the restaurant in the hotel.

via Boarding Area


The SkyView in Stockholm is arguably one of the most unique high tech elevators in the world. It is attached to Globen, a spherical building. A beautiful 360 degree view as the elevator transverses over the building attracts over 150,000 passengers a year.

Opened in 2010, the engineering required to keep this elevator level as it travels over the Globen is mindboggling. Liftbyggarna AB, a Swedish engineering, designed this wonder.

Pictures via Future of Transportation



If you are looking for a health care center in the Pacific Rim, you will probably look long and hard to find one with medical equipment that exceeds the high tech machines that are used by HealthConn. Naturally HealthConn has not skimped on their elevator design.

The pair of high tech elevators shown above whisk you in between floors in a flash.

Pics via Let’s Soar with the Eagles



How about taking an elevator to see some fish? We are not talking about going down into the ocean, but up. Just pay a visit to the Eadisson SAS hotel in Berlin, Germany. The Sea Life Center has as its center attraction the AquaDom.

They have the world’s largest acrylic glass cylindrical aquarium. It is 82 feet tall and 36 feet in diameter. The 238,000 gallon tank is home to more than 2,600 fish.  Just hop into the tubular elevator and get up close and personal with the fish without getting wet.

View from inside

Pictures via TrendHunter

Pic via Radisson BLU


The Academy of Information Technology & Engineering in Stamford, Connecticut prepares students in high technology fields. The IT field is cutting edge and their elevator matches. Joseph Fuller, Executive VP of Fuller D’Angelo Architects and Planners and architect of AITE rides the high tech glass elevator with a student.

via Information Week


Luxor Hotel

The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada has four inclined elevators made by Otis. There is one in each corner of the pyramid-shaped building.

via True Healthy Me
Inside the elevator shows an Egyptian motif

via Koppen Photography

Terrific view from the elevator



Burj Al Arab Hotel

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is a beautiful structure. The elevators just stand out to show the golden richness of the area. Check out these views.

Beautiful cylindrical elevator

via Circles of Excellence

via Secret Tourist
via Flicker by steelskyblue

Hangzhou InterContinental Hotel

The Hangzhou InterContinental Hotel is a structure where the rooms make up the vast majority of the sphere. Here a uniquely designed elevator inside the building takes its passengers to their rooms by five pod-shaped cars.

via Evan Weinberg

Sheraton Hotel Nashville

The Sheraton Hotel Downtown Nashville has some great glass cylindrical elevators.  Adorned with lights that look like an oversized version of a country music star’s makeup mirror, the floors are opaque with lighted dome endcaps.

via Flickr by macD3bills
via Flickr by Chuck Sutherland


Home Elevators

Some multi-million dollar homes have spared no expense and have included one or more elevators for the convenience of their owners. Some are traditional and others are just wild. Here are some inspiring home elevators.

via Residential Elevator Cost

The Ying residence has two elevators. Custom Cabs won Elevator of the Year in 2010 for this project

Rich wood, brass and glass home elevator
Modern brass and glass

“Roomless” elevator in China is positioned in between two rooms

Access Lifts and Services brings several high tech and high end pneumatic elevators

Italian styled elevator by Platform Lift

The Clock Tower Triplex in New York has a beautiful glass elevator

via Home Designing

Providence Biltmore

No expense was spared on the glass elevator at the Providence Biltmore Hotel.

via Brenda Lee Troia Photography


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